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Hubtek is a tech-enabled talent, training, and automation solutions provider. Through our co-employed talent, intelligent automation, and training platform, we help companies to optimize their processes, accelerate their growth and boost their positioning in the marketplace

We know that finding cost-effective, top talent in your community continues to be a significant obstacle to your growth.

Our approach is simple – We provide a platform and process to make it easy for you to source and hire individuals or teams in Latin America (and globally) to support your organization’s growth.

We can set up a virtual assistant, called TABi, to automate highly repetitive processes.

We set you up with your own Latin American-based team in a co-employed environment to support human-related functions.

And to complement both offerings, we have ProfitQuest, providing training, coaching, strategic planning, and industry networking designed to accelerate your company development and profitability – preparing and positioning your company to effectively compete and scale.



Co-Employment Program

Do you need more people, but local talent is hard to find, too expensive, or not qualified? Let Hubtek take care of it for you by setting up a satellite office in Latin America.

Build your team and promote your global culture through a nearshore solution.

Staffing Outsourcing


Automate Billing Processes and other manual activities. Reduce Errors. Increase speed and accuracy.  Map current processes to define opportunities for automation. Become more competitive in how you serve your customers.

Find new solutions to old problems and meet the business horizon today.



Focused on the skill development of the individual and the success of the organization. ProfitQuest provides more than 100 skill training modules with leadership and executive training to transform your business.




With over 45 years of combined experience solving complex Logistics and Transportation problems, we’ve developed highly specialized solutions for the industry.


Builds TMS Orders, Sends Rates, and Performs Back Office Tasks 10x Faster Than manually. Automate the processes enclosed in the life cycle of a load


At Hubtek, we live, breathe, and eat logistics. Benefit of knowing that your remote workforce is surrounded by experience Supply Chain professionals.


Focused on the skill development of the individual for the Supply Chain Industry. ProfitQuest has +50 hours of on-demand video training, and new training modules added every month.



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Market review for mid-September 

Market review for mid-September 

There's no doubt that the freight market is always changing. In each quarter of the year we can see how different trends impact the whole industry. Nothing is completely sure, and there are multiple...

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Evidence of Success

Hubtek in numbers.

All you need to know about Hubtek



More than 470 employees


Over 90.000 transactions every month on the platform



Time zone difference of zero to up to three hours


Logistics and Transportation Industry


Over a hundred customers

Activities Training


+100 training modules
Total amount of hours Training


More than 40 years of experience in our center of excellence



Hubtek was formed by Joel McGinley, the Managing Director of TranStrategy Partners, and Ricky Gonzalez, a spirited  entrepreneur who’s managed LATAM talent teams working in the U.S. market. 

Together, they‘ve envisioned a world-class tech and talent firm offering automation, outsourced talent, and effective training. With over 45 years of combined experience solving complex business problems, they’ve developed highly effective growth strategies for success. 

Supported by a growing number of expert associates, Hubtek is building an innovative network of companies utilizing automation tools and world-class talent to transform and optimize their workforce.


When you work for Hubtek, your journey to discovering the exciting path ahead of you, begins at day one!

Our innovative company will provide you with a safe place to explore and achieve your fullest potential while facing some of the greatest challenges in the logistics industry.


We love our clients, and we strive to have complete transparency in our business. You are always welcome to visit us in any of our locations, currently, we are located in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and the US.

You are welcome to come not only to see our operations, but also to experience the local culture, cuisine, and friendly people. After all, one of the benefits of partnering with a Global company is getting to visit an exotic destination, plan your trip today!


“The Co-management (aspect) has been a vital piece to our success…they have been helping tremendously in developing and nurturing each employee, to really help them reach their potential. It’s been very successful with her (One source’s Hubmaster) going into the office, keeping an eye on them, handling things like the sick days and PTOs, and keeping me updated. Plus, what is very important for us, is that our values align…I know that she’s handling things in the same management style with the same compassion as we would as one source would, here on-site that’s very important to us and we just have a lot of respect for her opinions and her knowledge it’s been very much a co-management in the full aspect from handling issues to scheduling to strategy”

Rosalynn Nugent
One Source


“Our initial engagement with Hubtek would be best categorized as incredibly in-depth, they took a true interest in what it was that we were trying to accomplish from exchanging collateral and pieces of content, job descriptions and profiles, personality assessments of what was the right type of talent that we wanted to come into to Fox Logistics, but also for us to learn how best to support our team here, there was an incredible level of transparency, honesty and just genuine interest in our mutual success as a partnership. It led to being an incredibly successful initial engagement that has just continued to grow and grow and grow.”

Kyle Mlakar
Fox Logistics


“So, what was happening at WFX before Hubtek is we were struggling in certain regions in the United States finding the right candidates to fill positions…so we decided to go with the Hubtek to be able to find those candidates for us. Other logistics companies that we have spoken with, had bragged about Hubtek, so, we decided to give Hubtek a try. The results have been fantastic they’ve been able to find us the candidates that we have been looking for extremely fast which have helped us fill those positions that we needed so badly, so the results have been really great”

Dan Gunn
WFX Logistics


“Thanks so much! Your training is always such a breath of fresh air! I want to turn on the theme song from Rocky and conquer the world! Your techniques have really made a difference in my approach the last few days and made MY job so much more enjoyable! I really appreciate your knowledge, especially that you are associated with the industry rather than a generalized method. I look forward to the next training. I am determined to hit the 100K club next month!”

Jamie Ray
Sales Account Manager
Cargo Chief, Inc.


“I have to tell you that I think the trainings are amazing! I went through customer service and just started building relationships, these trainings are loaded with valuable information and I am so happy I purchased these for my employees. Very well crafted and easy to understand, great job!”

Shana Monroe
Operational Manager
Sunteck Transport