How Effective Is Your Marketing Plan?
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22 August, 2019 |

Do you know if your Marketing Plan is effective?

Written By: Hubtek.

Cold calling. It’s the go to method for reaching leads. Most small to medium freight brokers have a few salespeople always on the phone, dialing away. However, more often than not these same companies do not have well-developed marketing programs. Lead outreach is important, no doubt, but building brand awareness is equally important to growing your business. Outlets such as LinkedIn, Instagram, email, and Google ads all help to reach your audience more effectively.

LinkedIn, for instance, can be utilized to share information about your company to a professional audience. If your company has a blog, you can share those articles on LinkedIn. Making a lot of connections will expand the reach of posts you share. The more noise you create, the more often others will see your brand and you will increase the chances of a few interested parties approaching you.

Social media like Instagram or Facebook can be used to bring a human touch to your company. Yes, it is very interesting to know that your company has 95% on-time performance or 90% customer satisfaction rate, but what is more endearing than Jean from customer service blowing out birthday candles? Or sharing a shot of Karen in operations busy on the phone with a shipper? These little glimpses into your company life will help connect you with your audience on a more human level. Anyone can download a stock photo and put some fancy words on it, but only your company employs your people which are your greatest asset. We all want to do business with a company that celebrates and values its people.

Moving on to email, systems like Pardot and Hubspot are both powerful tools for establishing automated email campaigns. When setting up your email marketing plan, your system should catch the leads and nurture them in an automated email campaign. You can take the leads you have collected and nurture them over the course of four or five weeks, being fed email messages containing small selling points for your company. Eventually, some of these leads will seek you out, asking to be your customer. The email campaign did the difficult part of cultivating interest, now all you need to do is help them transition to your company.

Ultimately, the goal of your marketing plan should be for leads to seek out you and your services. Sharing on social media and having the right email campaigns are low cost ways to build brand awareness and garner interest. An effective marketing strategy can ensure that you will get a steady stream of inbound leads without having to do all the aggressive cold calling.

Now, you might be thinking that you’re not big enough for a marketing department. A marketing director is an expense that you do not have the budget for. Never fear! You do not need a fully fledged marketing department. A well-developed and automated marketing plan, developed by Hubtek, will give that push your company needs to reach your goal.

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