Planning Your Talent and Technology Requirements for 2020 and Beyond
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21 February, 2020 |

Plan your Talent and Technology Requirements with Hubtek solutions

Written By: Hubtek.

With unemployment expected to be at 3.7% in 2020, there is no doubt that we have a labor shortage in the logistics industry. For companies that want to grow, they often find themselves frustrated at the difficulty of finding and retaining quality talent.

Of all the problems to have, a low unemployment rate is not the worst. Sure, talent may be expensive and in short supply, but a strong economy means consumers are spending and goods are moving, which is ultimately a plus for shippers and carriers.

However, you still need to deal with the talent shortage. How can you move more loads if you cannot afford, or even find, the talent required to help you? Well, as a forward-thinking company, we believe the solution lies in taking advantage of technology tools and worldwide talent.


For as long as humans have existed, we have built tools to increase our productivity and save time. Fast forward to today and we have built robots to do our tasks for us. In this age of automation, companies are more productive than ever.

In the logistics world, there are various tools out there to save time. GPS tracking devices, automated email responses, freight quoting calculators, and other tools can help save time and allow your employees to focus on more revenue-creating activities.

Other tools automate sales and marketing processes allowing salespeople to expand their reach. Marketing automation can make your company look as though it has a full-fledged marketing department even if there is only one person behind it. With sales automation, you can take advantage of smart dialers that put you in front of the right person without wasting time with gatekeepers.

What is even more exciting is the world of artificial intelligence. AI is a huge game changer that will enable your employees to increase their productivity tenfold. Imagine a robot that can simultaneously respond to multiple rate requests, reply to emails, and even call customers. With this kind of automation, it cancels the need to hire additional employees and enables growth for your company.


Now, robots sound nice and futuristic, but there are still tasks that require actual people. Well, if you have exhausted the labor pool in your area, you might consider hiring remote employees from another state or even another country.

Take outsourcing, for example. Outsourcing might conjure up images of large call centers with hundreds of employees yapping away on their headsets. However, outsourcing is essentially contracting with outside companies for tasks that cannot be done in-house.

Nearshore outsourcing in countries that are closer to the US is something to consider. In places like Colombia, there is a large pool of college-educated and bilingual talent. With a culture more similar to the US than India or the Philippines, Colombia is an attractive option for hiring professionals at the right price.

It is important when choosing your outsourcing partner to consider the intersection of cost and quality. As with anywhere, you get what you pay for, and outsourcing is no different. Some outsourcing outfits allow their employees to work from home with no supervision. Other companies have layers of management with a central office location and staff onsite to support your outsourced employees. Make sure to do your research to ensure that your outsourcing partner offers what you need.

Our Offering

Hubtek offers both talent and technology solutions for logistics companies. Our technology tools allow you to automate your processes, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your team. We have trained experts that will create automated marketing campaigns for you and our sales automation tools help organize your sales processes and get you in front of decision makers more quickly. And with robotics, you can increase the productivity of your people tenfold.

Our talent resources allow you to build your own satellite office in Colombia complete with your own office space and experienced manager. Hiring talent through Hubtek means that you get college educated, bilingual, and professional employees at 40% of the cost of a US-based employee. These highly talented people receive comprehensive training in both logistics and Hubtek’s technology tools, meaning you can get access to both talent and technology without any major investments. At Hubtek, we are your talent and technology solution for 2020 and beyond.

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