Hubtek Announces its Win as the Best in Show at the FreightWaves Live Virtual Event 2021
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27 May, 2021 |

Best in Show at the FreightWaves Live Virtual Event

Hubtek, a leading provider of logistics workforce optimization, with over 45 years of combined logistics experience, is proud to announce its third award of Best in Show, this time at the 2021 FreightWaves LIVE virtual event this month.  During the FreightWaves Live Virtual Event, we participated in two sessions: the Rapid-Fire Demos and “What the Truck”. 


  • What the Truck interview with Joel McGinley: we talked about the changes the Logistics Industry must endure such as volatile markets, capacity crunches, technology changes, and security issues, among others.  Joel McGinley, our Managing Director, detailed how to build and develop a high-performance team to effectively deal with these changes.  He highlighted the process of achieving company growth, from building a good foundation for your leadership team through coaching and training, to understanding your organizational needs when it comes to technology. Click here to watch our Interview
  • Rapid-Fire Demo with Dan Hellman: Our seven-minute demo showcases the automation of the order entry process and the freight quoting process, and displays the powerful results that can be achieved through TABi, our automation Hub and Digital Assistant, created exclusively for the Logistics Industry. Click here to watch our Demo


Most transportation providers are small businesses in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, and our demo shows how our Intelligent Process Automation platform, TABi Connect, enables them to compete in the long-term.  With TABi, the automated order entry process in a live environment takes on average 45 seconds to complete.

In our demo, we slowed things down so that the steps taken throughout the automation process could be easily seen. What was showcased is TABi’s powerful ability to quickly read, extract, and process free form, unstructured text sent in the body of an email.  Once the information is extracted, TABi completes the rate quoting process, allowing you to respond to 100% of the requests quickly and accurately.

Hubtek is a workforce optimization solutions provider for the Logistics and Transportation Industry. We help companies optimize their processes, accelerate their growth, and boost their positioning in the marketplace. We invite you to discover how you can increase your bottom line through our co-managed Talent (Nearshore Staffing), Intelligent Process Automation (TABi), and coaching and training platform (ProfitQuest).

To learn more about TABi, Click here.

What processes create the largest bottleneck in your company’s workflow? We asked this question to attendees of our webinars, as well as attendees of events in which we were speakers throughout 2021, such as FreightWaves, and GLT and TIA events. The overwhelming majority responded, “capacity and freight quoting accuracy”…https://zoom.us/webinar/register/5016222141735/WN_6ju52sjdTKekAtHwgH6dZA

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