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29 May, 2021 |

ProfitQuest Animated Video Display: https://youtu.be/4hrdCVEHf78.   

ProfitQuest is the training platform your company needs!

Introducing ProfitQuest

Growth Acceleration Platform for the Logistics & Transportation Industry

Hubtek has taken TranStrategy Partner’s 18 years of successful coaching and training experience and turned it into a complete online growth acceleration platform called ProfitQuest.

Through the years, we have observed a common challenge faced by pretty much every business and industry out there, which is “how to grow.” In an industry such as ours, with tight margins and constant changes, it’s particularly important that we discover the right way to achieve growth, one that is both efficient and cost-effective. Creating the environment for growth is a function of investing in and committing to improving internal processes, investing in employees, and applying technology solutions. But how is that achieved? How can we make our organizational processes more efficient? How can we help our people grow, and which technology should we use, if any?

Though there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, based on more than 18 years of experience helping companies achieve success and growth, we created ProfitQuest.

Although they are correlated, there is a difference between coaching, training, and planning.  You should move into planning through coaching and through coaching you can identify training needs.  So, when you bring in outside coaching, you want to be looking for a system and a structure that not only provides coaching but also includes the planning aspect and has the necessary training available.

We have combined all these components together in one platform called ProfitQuest, which  provides training, coaching, strategic planning, and industry networking to accelerate your growth, profitability, and company development.  It includes a learning management system that gives you the ability to access coaching on demand, drive for key performance indicators, and develop key strategic initiatives. Plus, the ability to share your products and services with a broad network.

Our coaching provides the direction and discipline to ensure the success of your organization. Through its methods and processes, it ensures people, teams, and organizations achieve their goals and objectives. Our training is focused on the skill development of the individual. It is intended to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for individuals to meet and exceed expectations; and ProfitQuest acts as a strategic planning tool that allows your company to develop and manage a successful growth strategy.

We will highlight the thought process involved in positioning a company for growth, from building a good foundation with the leadership team and achieving employee buy-in to discovering the right technology and making the entire strategic plan, including creating accountability through setting achievable and measurable goals. Come and learn how to get the momentum and acceleration your company needs to grow!

Hubtek is a workforce optimization solutions provider for the Logistics and Transportation Industry. We help companies optimize their processes, accelerate their growth, and boost their positioning in the marketplace. We invite you to discover how you can increase your bottom line through our co-managed Talent (Nearshore Staffing), Intelligent Process Automation (TABi), and coaching and training platform (ProfitQuest).

LIVE Webinar!


What processes create the largest bottleneck in your company’s workflow? We asked this question to attendees of our webinars, as well as attendees of events in which we were speakers throughout 2021, such as FreightWaves, and GLT and TIA events.

The overwhelming majority responded, “capacity and freight quoting accuracy”…https://zoom.us/webinar/register/5016222141735/WN_6ju52sjdTKekAtHwgH6dZA

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