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30 June, 2021 |

At Hubtek, we have been developing a virtual assistant and automation platform that through a strategic combination of different technologies, including Intelligent Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, OCR, Web services, Intelligent Portals, and Partners Integrations, provides a powerful solution specialized in the Logistics and Transportation Industry processes.

TABi Connect is a platform designed to enable brokerages to automate the following processes: Rate Quoting, Load Building, and Carrier Sourcing – allowing brokerages to increase accuracy and load count while decreasing transaction costs.

Although the old version of TABi Connect was providing customers an increase in efficiency by significantly reducing time spent on processes, we wanted to continue innovating to bring a better solution based on customer feedback, as well as our own research and experience regarding the Logistics Industry.

The old version of TABi allowed users to customize margin and method as parameters for the rate quoting process.  Our new version of TABi Connect will allow users to choose between 9 customizable parameters by vehicle type and customers.  Here are the new parameters:

  1. Margin
  2. Method (Lower, Average, Higher).
  3. Equipment type
  4. Distance tier
  5. Lead time
  6. Date/time (weekend after hours, holidays)
  7. Accessorial
  8. Locations and Lanes Exceptions Management (origin, destination, route)
  9. Load Board Rates Index

In addition to the new parameters, TABI 2.0 also has the following new features:

  • Logic applied to the quoting parameters to give you control over your search preferences, (e.g., Distance Tier and Equipment Type).  You will only need to configure the parameters once, and TABi will be able to use your business rules and preferences to compute rates that will give you an advantage in the market.
  • Based on those parameters, TABi will be able to identify weekends, holidays, irregular business hours, expedited lead times, and automatically add an extra margin accordingly.
  • Based on the market conditions, you will also be able to define your preferred method (Lowest Rate, Average Rate, or Highest Rate) to send competitive rates.
  • Control over the lanes where your company has not historically been competitive, by giving you the option to enter as many lanes as you want that the company considers not worth any kind of effort.
  • Control over Load Board Indexes, i.e., 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, paid or posted, geography, etc.
  • TABi can automatically capture and compute any accessorial fee that your customers have in their rate requests.

TABi not only increases precision and productivity but also reduces time spent on processes.  with TABi Connect 2.0, you will be able to run your processes faster than manual execution. This allows personnel to dedicate their attention to higher-value tasks while TABi, their high-performance virtual assistant, manages time-consuming, error-prone processes.

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