Hubtek Announces its Recognition in the Logistics Technology Market Map 2021
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15 December, 2021 |

Hubtek, a leading provider of task automation and outsourced talent, has been chosen as part of the First Logistics Technology Market Map, an open-source effort to map technology innovations for global supply chain logistics. 

This map has been published by a group of volunteers from different organizations around the world, from Senior Editors to Founders and International Executives in the Logistics Technology (LogTech) Industry. The goal of the group is to organize supply chain market activities into an easily understood visual representation. 

The first open-source market map recognizes the most innovative companies in the industry and seeks to focus buyers of LogTech services and products. The innovation areas covers new technology, new business models, and new business processes:  

  1. Transport Management Systems 
  1. Planning and Procurement  
  1. Cargo Visibility  
  1. Digital Intermediaries 
  1. Warehousing Software  
  1. Digital Documentation and Bills of Lading  
  1. Freight Brokerage Software 
  1. Global Trade Management  
  1. Automation  
  1. Trucking Software for Carriers  
  1. Freight Forwarding Software  
  1. Port/Terminal Interface Software 
  1. Freight Audit and Payment 

Hubtek is recognized within the Automation quadrant, which includes companies that have reached a sustainable or stable state and can take on new customers. We’ve developed a virtual assistant (TABi) and a robust automation platform that provides a powerful solution specialized for Transportation Industry processes (through a strategic combination of technologies like ML, AI, RPA, and cognitive models) With TABi, our clients have generated increases in productivity and efficiency and reduced process times by more than 60%.   

Always looking to keep TABi at the cutting edge, we continually focus on innovation. Last month, we deployed a new version of TABi Connect, with new parameters and more powerful capabilities.  

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