The Success of Co-Managed Talent – Partnership between Hubtek and One Source Logistics
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20 December, 2021 |

The Success of Co-Managed Talent: One of the most significant things that we can do each day to be happier is to be grateful.  More than just helping our clients with solutions through the services that we provide, our goal at Hubtek is to be a partner that they can count on; to give 200% on every endeavor to help our clients grow. For us, our clients are not just “clients”, they are a part of our team; they are partners who we want to see grow and thrive.  

Today, we want to show our appreciation and our happiness at knowing that we are accomplishing our mission, being more than just a service provider, but also a trustworthy partner.  

Let’s read a testimonial given by Rosalynn Nugent, Manager of Truckload Operations at One Source Logistics, about her experience using our Co-Managed Talent Services.  

Part 1: More than just nearshore staffing, they are our team! 

One of the most captivating stories Rosalynn told us was about a surprise celebration she organized for their Colombian nearshore team. Since they had successfully hit their goals, as usual, she wanted to thank them by sharing a moment. So, they ordered pizza, cake, and balloons. Then she asked her team, “Tell me the top 3 things that you know on a personal level about your virtual assistant – not on a work level.”  

She was trying to see how much they knew each other. The information that was given to her was enlightening. They had inside jokes and nicknames.  For instance, Melissa Meneses, Hubmaster at Hubtek, likes to ride her bike, and her favorite show is Friends. Everyone was laughing, and enjoying themselves so much.  Rosalynn felt as though they felt as much of a part of their team as she feels.  

Part 2: We care about you – Details that strengthen relationships! 

Rosalynn was surprised, not only by how well they knew each other, but also by how deeply they cared. One of the team members onsite at One Source was going through a difficult moment, as one of their family members had come down with cancer. Without having been asked, just out of genuine concern, Jose Hernandez went to the “Virgin Rosa Mistica”, a place believed to be holy, where people in Colombia only go when they need to ask for things they cannot manage or things that are out of their hands.  There, he prayed for the wellbeing of his friend and co-worker’s family member. It’s impressive, the bonds that have been made and the way they handle their relationships, making an extra effort because they care for each other.  

Part 3: Trust built on a strong foundation – Values and Understanding 

 When we asked Rosalynn, “What do you like the most about your Colombian team?” Her answer was: “What’s so essential is that our values align, not only with Hubtek but especially with Melissa, and so I feel very confident that I know that she’s handling things in the same management style, with the same compassion as One Source would here onsite.  That’s very important to us, and we have a lot of respect for her opinions and her knowledge.  It’s been very much a co-management in the whole aspect from handling issues to scheduling, to strategy. We have a blast while doing strategies and have a lot of fun.” 

Melissa, Hubmaster (Manager) of the One Source Nearshore Team in Colombia considers the One Source/Hubtek team like “family-business”.  We know each other well, Melissa says; that’s why we give 200% and put our hearts into it every day. To that Rosalynn answered, “I consider her … (Melissa) a very great friend of mine. Sometimes I miss her, and I’ve never met her”.  

Also, when Sarah Darnell, Freight Broker at One Source Logistics, is with Rosalynn and Melissa, they have a great time. Melissa and Rosalynn explained that working is a pleasant experience, even when they reach those stress peaks, thanks to the bond that the team shares. 

Part 4: Thank you!    

Focusing our attention on all the beautiful and simple joys in life is what makes us thankful and brings us the most happiness. One Source is grateful for the team they have come to welcome as part of their own – Oscar Guerrero, Mario Sarmiento, Juan Guevara, and Maria Pallares.  “It is thanks to them we can grow and innovate through technology”, the One Source team said.  

Here at Hubtek we are grateful for our customers, partners and team members. Thanks to all of you, we can provide job opportunities and mentorship for many talented people in Colombia.   

Many thanks to Oscar Guerrero, Mario Sarmiento, Juan Guevara, Jose Hernandez and Maria Pallares, and the co-managed leadership which has been a vital piece, because Melissa is an expert in handling things so that One Source doesn’t have to think about them. Thank you for the spirit of helping to develop and nurture each employee and encourage them to reach their potential, coaching them, and getting them to where they are achieving those KPIs that we set for them.  

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