Looking Back in Appreciation, Looking Forward in Excitement
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5 January, 2022 |

As we proceed with the turning of the calendar, it is a time to be thankful for what has gone before and hopeful about the future, looking Forward in Excitement. This past year has been an amazing journey for Hubtek and we want to share our deepest appreciation to our Associates, our Accelerators, our Customers, and our Partners in helping us grow. It is truly an honor to serve you all.

Looking Forward in Excitement

Our strategic direction for 2022 is one of intention-driven growth: broader scope of talent solutions within the Co-Managed Staffing solution across the transportation market; deeper technology investment in support of the Tabi platform and internal efficiencies; and growing topic expansion and focus for ProfitQuest around sales, specific market insights and compliance – to name just a few. This 3 prong approach provides a complete solution to your workforce needs.

We continue to face and overcome the economic, cultural, and social disruptions together. We adapt, innovate and collaborate to build new ways to succeed.

Hubtek exists to positively impact the organizations we touch through workforce innovation and strategy. Our ability to do so is a direct result of your hard work and the faith you have placed in us to LEAD FORWARD.

Wishing you grace, joy, and prosperity as greet the new horizons of 2022.

Yours Truly,

Ricky Gonzalez

Hubtek CEO

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