President’s Award and Team Member of the Year Award: Hubtek Winner 2021
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6 January, 2022 |

President’s Award and Team Member of the Year Award

At Hubtek, our pride and excitement in our services is surpassed by that which we receive from our customers and partners.

Due to our performance in 2021, our customer, Direct Expedite, honored both Hubtek and Fausto Cordona, with the President’s Award for Overall Excellence and the Team Member of the Year awards, respectively. We want to humbly thank Dale Prax and his team for their trust and their dedication to driving success together. 

This recognition means so much to us at Hubtek and continues to validate our efforts and the manner in which we execute in support of valued relationships across the enterprise and the industry. 

Each new day brings us new conversations, feedback and opportunities to make Hubtek and its solutions portfolio stronger.  

Let’s start and continue a conversation about how we can help scale your team’s success through technology automation, talent outsourcing and training offerings, specialized for the Logistics Industry.   

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