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26 January, 2022 |

Set amongst the vibrant south Florida coastline, the 2022 BGSA Holdings Supply Chain Conference provided a thoughtful and forward-looking vision about the nature of our current supply chain landscape. Drawing together leaders of industry, transportation, technology and finance, the conference sought to connect and guide attendees through the murky, yet potential laden, waters of our current, dynamic environment. Though the conference has progressed to its 16th iteration, 2022 was the first year of attendance for the Hubtek team.  

Hubtek, spanning the intersections of Transportation, Technology, Talent and Training, was able to engage and create new relationships with potential clients, partners and competitors over the span of three value filled days. Each conversation triggered new ideas and sparked a powerful energy in our approach to the strategic planning for 2022 and beyond. 

Top takeaways from the conference: 

  1. 2022 and 2023 continue to be poised as a boon for holders of asset and data capacity. 
  1. BCOs will continue to look to Technology providers to optimize networks and limit exposure. 
  1. Supply Chain disruptions (pandemic, material and talent challenges) provide new business opportunities for solutions-minded entrepreneurs. 
  1. Open conversations and transparency of need  
  1. Growth can be manifested across multiple financing options: debt, PE, VC and organically 

Hubtek is uniquely poised to provide strong solutions to these industry challenges and opportunities. By providing lower labor costs through process automation, performance training and nearshore lower cost employees, Hubtek can help to smooth out supply chain disruptions, improve profit and loss statements, strengthen balance sheets and provide scalable growth for each of its customers. 

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