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28 February, 2022 |

The Power of Nearshore Talent:

This week, Mariana Valencia, Account Executive at Hubtek, had the opportunity to sit down with Dale Prax, President and CEO at Direct Expedite, and talk about his experience with Nearshore Talent and how it has contributed to the growth of his company.

In the last few years we have seen an increase in the use of Nearshoring in the logistics industry. The benefits are manifold; with an office close to the main operation, with similar geographic location, a similar time zone, and different weather conditions, as well as similar cultures. All of which ensures continuity of the operations and growth, even during a harsh winter or in a tough labor market.

Mariana explained about our Co-managed Talent service, which is designed to create a partnership between Hubtek and our clients to set up a satellite office for their operations in Colombia, with a full team of professionals at their disposal. With this service, companies not only get the person for the position they need, but also a team of managers, supervisors, HR, to ensure the success of the operation. In Dale’s experience, this saves time and money, as he didn’t need to hire any extra people to manage his nearshore employees. 

Dale shared how he came to know about nearshoring and some of the fears when searching for outsourced talent in the expedited niche. As with many companies, Direct Expedite faced some challenges when the pandemic hit in 2020. His company was growing and suddenly, his ability to hire people became even more challenging. It was when he saw a webinar about nearshoring that he decided to give it a try. Of course, the idea of getting employees in a different country came with many concerns; will they be proficient in English? How will a company manage their work? 

In spite of the many concerns that arose, it was a pleasant surprise for him to discover the quality of the employees: college educated, fluent in English, and understanding of life, culture and their customers. Dale was thrilled to find a great team of caring and professional individuals for his operation. He then introduced Fausto Cardona, one of the first additions to his team in Colombia, who, in a short period of time, through his passion, commitment and excellence, was promoted to operations manager. 

Fausto talked about what it has been like working with a foreign country and how it really feels like the US and Colombian teams are aligned as one. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with industry experts, the professional growth, and all the training he has received.

Going through some of the questions sent their way, both Dale and Mariana agreed that outsourcing is always a good option that will help your company grow, save you money, and it is not just for big companies; small businesses can benefit from it as well.  

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