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28 February, 2022 |

Team, Talent and Technology, that is the Strategic Visioning Hubtek has for 2022. This past week, perched on the 16th floor of the WeWork facility in beautiful Medellin, Hubtek leadership curated and delivered its 2022 strategic plan. With the continued capacity and supply chain disruptions within the transportation industry, Hubtek is determined to provide valuable tools and solutions for our current and future customers to meet the challenges and break through the bottlenecks.

Led by Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Joel McGinley, the strategy session brought together the US and Colombian teams to learn from the past, organize the present and outline the future in how Hubtek will serve and lead. By utilizing the ProfitQuest strategic planning methodology, we have the structure, focus and accountability to take valuable steps forward – aligned to company goals and vision.

2020 and 2021 brought together the emergence of new and integrated solutions and a powerful team of industry and business function experts. Together we are stronger and more innovative. Combined with the insights of our customers and partners, we have the tools and resources to drive impactful change for the industry.

We look forward to connecting with you this year in this shared journey of excellence and opportunity.

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