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15 March, 2022 |


As markets continue to deviate further from standard cycles, tribal knowledge and historical rates pose a threat to Logistics Service Providers’ business. Combining Hubtek’s automated rate quoting platform, TABi Connect, and Greenscreens.ai innovative AI-driven predictive pricing platform provides the full solution for market-leading accuracy, speed, and control.

Greenscreens.ai, a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the truckload spot market that combines the power of AI and machine learning with aggregated real-time market data, along with the customer’s own historical rates and up to the minute tender accepted load information, and Hubtek, a talent, technology and training company that enables LSPs growth by containing operating costs, have come together to offer a unique tech-forward approach to the market.

With the launch of TABi Connect in late 2020, Hubtek became the only Intelligent Automation Hub for Logistics companies in North America.

“Price and people are what connect the demand (shippers) and supply (carriers). At Greenscreens.ai, we are focused on meeting our customers where they are in their digital transformation. We are thrilled to partner with Hubtek to connect Greenscreens.ai’s sophisticated real-time predictive pricing to the shipper through TABi Connect’s intelligent process automation capabilities.” stated Greenscreens.ai’s CEO, Dawn Salvucci-Favier.

Scott Hadley, VP of Business Strategy at Hubtek, is very bullish on the partnership with Greenscreens. “Greenscreens has developed an unprecedented approach to dynamic pricing that this industry has been void of up until now”, explains Hadley. “The ability to identify market needs, along with the acumen to innovate, to develop effective tools in such a volatile industry is what we look for in partners, Greenscreens fits this mold perfectly. Pairing this unique AI-driven predictive rate engine with our TABi Connect Automated Rate Quoting will bring a tremendous competitive advantage to our customers.”

Logistics Service Providers are always looking for ways to protect margins and grow their business through technology. This partnership provides an innovative solution for customers to take advantage of as a whole. With both Greenscreens.ai and Hubtek already having established extensive and growing customer bases, they bring the expertise and comprehension needed to effectively provide the results to the market.

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