TABi CONNECT: Your Gateway to Shipper RealTime API requests
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17 March, 2022 |

Shipper RealTime API requests

As shipper relationships get more complex, their needs require better solutions. RealTime freight quoting is an emerging trend where shippers are pulling rates directly from providers for Spot market freight opportunities.

Do you have the resources and the technology partner to compete at this level required by a growing number of shippers?

Hubtek’s Automation platform, TABi Connect, is powered by API development to allow the handshake between your rate algorithms and shipper need. TABi Connect is a portal that provides a myriad of parameter options to dial in client-specific rate sets that will then be open to API calls from discerning shippers.

No longer will rate quoting require active, manual efforts to download, copy, paste, rate engine review, head scratch, curate, repopulate and submit. By establishing regular parameter sets (reviewed regularly against TABi’s trending and analytics reporting), much of the past rate quoting efforts are eliminated – freeing your team up to focus on relationship development and revenue-producing activities.

To learn more about what TABi can do, click here.

Shipper RealTime API requests for the Logistics Industry through TABi Connect. By Hubtek. Contact us now to know more!

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