Hubtek’s participation in the Truckload 2022 in Las Vegas
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5 April, 2022 |

Hubtek’s participation in the Truckload 2022: Returning to the Wynn Las Vegas, Truckload 2022 gathered over 1200 industry professionals to make new connections and educate themselves on the latest trends in the industry. This year it included more networking opportunities and more exhibit hours.  

Hubtek’s Scott Hadley, Mariana Valencia, and Charlyn Smalligan jumped at the chance to participate and meet up with current customers, future customers, and partners to discuss the impactful solutions Hubtek is implementing.  

Participants in the tradeshow were able to experience, firsthand, a demo of our Order Entry Automation that can streamline this repetitive process. It takes TABi, our virtual assistant, only 45 seconds (on average) to create an order entry, which means it can do it 10x faster than a human and with 100% accuracy!  

The Truckload Carriers Association’s Annual Convention also provided participants with the opportunity to learn about Hubtek’s simple approach to business growth: we set you up with our virtual assistant TABi to automate your processes so you and your team can focus on more important tasks, we get you your own nearshore team to take care of your operations, and we compliment these offerings with ProfitQuest, our advanced training, coaching, strategic planning and industry networking platform. This is a recipe for accelerated growth and profitability that you need to try! 

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