Ground Expedited Freight training with Direct Expedite’s Dale Prax
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13 April, 2022 |

Family man, innovator, former Marine and industry expert, Dale Prax, President and CEO at Direct Expedite LLC is partnering with Hubtek to bring ProfitQuest users a new training of his creation called: “Ground Expedited Freight”. 

The new and exciting training, “Ground Expedited Freight” is perfect for people who are not familiar with expedited freight and want to get a big picture view of all the aspects involved in it. Even people who have been in the industry for a while can benefit from this experience. This training will cover everything from sales, booking and dispatching freight, safety, compliance, insurance, and more.  

ProfitQuest users will also get a first-hand account of some of the lessons Dale has learned through the years working in the expedited niche, as well as some opinions and best practices that will definitely improve a company’s business practices. 

According to Dale, the six most dangerous words in the English language are “We’ve always done it that way”, so why not take advantage of this new ProfitQuest training to learn from this industry expert with over 30 years of experience? 

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