Transportation Intermediaries Association: Hubtek’s participation in the TIA 2022 CON
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18 April, 2022 |

The transportation Intermediaries Association held the TIA annual conference this year. Three years removed from our first presence at TIA, so much has happened to our company, our people, and the world. Over these last few years, Hubtek has experienced the growth and maturity as an organization to become a true partner to our clients and a true force in the industry.

This year’s TIA Capital Ideas Conference served as a real coming out for Hubtek – in how we are received and perceived in the marketplace. We had the opportunity to share ideas in sessions and learning labs, celebrate our clients in their accomplishments and connect at a deeper level with old friends and new.

2022 volatility brings challenges to the industry and opportunities in how you approach your workforce and workflows to drive efficiencies and improve profitability. Our goal at Hubtek continues to be service to the market – solving Talent, Technology, and Training needs in support of growth and success. TABi Connect and Hubtek BPaaS lead the efforts in building better solutions to support your agile business.

Many thanks to Anne Reinke, Cindy Amos, Valerie, Roberta Sumner, and the entire TIA team in providing the context and showcase for connection and development. The conference continues to be THE place to exchange, share and engage for the 3PL industry and we are blessed to be a member of such a valuable association and industry.

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