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22 April, 2022 |

WECare – Children of Medellin: Children are the future, and as a society it is our responsibility to provide them with opportunities to develop their minds and souls. It is no secret that there are many children who are disadvantaged by poverty, violence and neglect, among other difficult situations that can hinder their progress. Thankfully, there are projects like The Children of Medellin Foundation that promote the social and societal integration of children in these harsh conditions.  

The foundation offers the children and their families a comprehensive and innovative program of educational, sports, recreational and cultural activities, so they can discover their passions and talents. Work such as this, where education is the main focus, is highly important to improving the lives of these children and their families.   

Through the foundation’s work, their first student graduated from university in 2018, followed by several more. This year, a total of 19 young people will be studying through the foundation and, in the coming years, they plan on continuing to offer many more youth the opportunity to study.  

Hubtek wholeheartedly believes in this project. To show our support, we have made a donation of 7 laptops, so the children can have easier access to education and online resources that will ultimately help their learning paths and futures.   

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  

Nelson Mandela

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