Hubtek Supports Colombian Coffee Growers Through Café con Sentido de Origen
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6 May, 2022 |

Hubtek Supports Colombian Coffee Growers: Hubtek’s commitment to sustainability through our WeCare program came alive once more to show support to Café Con Sentido de Origen, a Colombian venture that supports coffee growers from the region.  

This venture was created by Silvia Mejia, a Colombian agronomist who thought of her family coffee business as a hobby, until she came up with the idea to sell high quality Colombian coffee while paying the growers a fair price. Silvia makes sure the growing practices are sustainable and contribute to the care of the planet; which is why this venture aligns so well with our WeCare program.  

To show our support to this endeavor, Hubtek has made a sizable purchase of Cafe Con Sentido de Origen’s premium coffee.  This way we can help them with their purpose to expand and find more customers.  As of right now, the venture does not have a website or social media presence, so they rely on word of mouth.  We can all come together and make this project a success! 

You can show your support by contacting them here: 

Hubtek Supports Colombian Coffee Growers and other social causes. To learn more about our WeCare program, click here.

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