Hubtek: The Future of Logistics
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2 June, 2022 |

Hubtek: The Future of Logistics

We continually talk about Hubtek’s services and how we can help your business grow through automation, staffing and training. Ricky Gonzalez, our CEO, recently discussed Hubtek’s history and what the future holds.  

“Hubtek is a technology, talent, and training provider for the Logistics Industry that was founded in 2018 as a joint venture between TranStrategy Partners and a Colombian-based logistics staffing company.  The company’s main goal has been to attack the rising labor shortage, the inefficiency of the current workforce, and the lack of specialized industry training.”

Ricky Gonzalez started in the Forwarding, Brokerage, and Trucking Industry about 20 years ago, and he is excited to bring a new concept of tech-enabled talent and SaaS automation products to the space. 

According to Ricky, it’s amazing to disrupt the industry with automation as well as staffing and training, which is what Hubtek offers and excels at; offering logistics partners three primary services: qualified and trained talent, automation of logistics processes to enhance speed and profitability, and training to enable companies to make their brokerages more efficient.  In Ricky’s words,

“There’s never been a better time to bring solutions to supply chain companies. This industry has many fresh opportunities to design impactful commercial solutions that address real problems.”   “Our firm is positioned as the ‘best of breed’ tech and staffing partner to our clients”, Ricky commented.  

Ricky’s goal for the future of Hubtek is to continue providing talented people and disruptive technology solutions to the industry, and to continue to invest in our company culture and people development.    

“We will keep capitalizing on our people and their growth,” Ricky said.  “When you care about your people and culture, you lay the foundation of a great organization that creates value for its stakeholders.”  

The Hubtek team continues to be energized by the growth we have seen across the entire business, highlighted by the opening of new offices in Colombia and Ecuador.   

“We are committed to helping repurpose the human labor and make it more rewarding for the employee and profitable for the company,” Ricky said.   

Hubtek’s big differentiator in the marketplace is the ability to bring qualified and ready-to-work staff and combine applicable technology, to reduce the need to add excessive head-count as our customers grow.    

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