TMSA Level Up 2022: Hubtek Bronze Sponsorship
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13 June, 2022 |

Association Conferences are about people – the interactions, the power of shared ideas, and the common purpose to serve a larger good. 

I was privileged to join my colleague, Angelica Irreño, as we had the chance to Level Up this past week at the annual TMSA conference. Alongside a stellar group of marketing and sales professionals, we took full advantage of the collection of industry leaders to help guide us on our organizational journey and depart stronger than we had arrived. 

As the second conference since emerging from the pandemic, TMSA’s Level Up Conference gave us insights into the Newest Normal (George Abernathy), frameworks on Demand Generation (Kara Brown) and methodologies about optimal utilization of LinkedIn branding for Sales (Jim Becker). We learned strategies on developing Podcasts (Blythe Brumleve and Chris Jolly) and were inspired to change our mindset (Randy Fox and Shawna Suckow) 

The key to our experience was dominated by the networking opportunities and connection building events to broaden our mindshare within the customer (shipper, carrier and driver) facing lanes of our industry. These connections introduced new technology, tools and methods for better service and greater success.

From the association stalwarts to the new faces and fresh minds, we, at Hubtek, looked to balance our knowledge extraction with sharing ideas, providing guidance and sponsorship.  

Kudos to the Association – its members, its leaders, its board and all of the volunteers. In particular, we want to call out Jennifer Karpus-Romain (Executive Director), Tom Collins (President, now Chairman) and Jill Schmieg (Education Co-Chair and Strategic Advisor) for their tireless efforts in repositioning the association for stability, growth and a powerful conference this year. Thank you!

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