What are the biggest fears companies have about automation?
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14 July, 2022 |

What are the biggest fears companies have about automation? Implementing new freight technology in your operation can be scary. There’s always a fear that it might not be what you expect or that it might get out of control and affect your business negatively. To put everyone’s minds at ease, Hubtek’s CSO, Dan Hellmann, CTB, sat down with 3PL Systems, Inc. to give some advice to those who are worried about taking the plunge and investing in freight technology. 

Dan’s main advice is to start slow. Hubtek’s customers usually begin with automating just one process, such as rate quoting, for a couple of their customers.  Then, they slowly add on once they realize how much power they can really harness from TABi Connect. 

He also talked about the fear some people have that the automated process might run away on them, and he remarked that when you automate a process, you have a set process that will be followed correctly, the way you want it, 100% of the time. Dan explained more about how TABi does this: “She will quote it out exactly how you would have done it if you were manually doing it, listing what multiple rate engines say the expected truck rate should be, including additional costs and margin that you control dynamically.” 

Another concern companies may have is submitting the exact same rates as other TABi users. To that Dan says, “What you submit for bill amount is based on the direction you give her. Which engines to use, which margin, along with other cost factors that you control. The output is exactly the same as if you were doing it the old-fashioned way, using your experience and deep knowledge. You just now don’t need to spend hours or days manually doing it.”.  

If you still are wondering: What are the biggest fears companies have about automation? With TABi Connect, what used to take several man hours to complete can be automated. You can automatically quote every opportunity you want, based on your preferences, but you are also doing it in record time. 

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So, stop losing money and productivity by doing things the same old way and contact us now to know more! 

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