Hubtek supports veterans through ProfitQuest registration
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28 July, 2022 |

Hubtek is proud to announce that we have partnered with LTNA (Logistics & Transportation Association of North America) and Troops2Logistics to help military veterans transition from the military into the private sector and find a career in the logistics industry.  

About the partnership 

Hubtek supports veterans through ProfitQuest registration: Hubtek will be offering a 10% discount to all LTNA members who sign up for our ProfitQuest platform and an additional 10% from each of those subscriptions will be donated to Troops2Logistics to support their efforts in helping  military veterans, Guard Reserves and military spouses looking to transition into the civil workforce, finding jobs and building careers in logistics.  


This nonprofit was created 3 years ago as a joint effort between retired US Army service member, Scot Snyder and LTNA President, Brad Reinhardt, who met almost 10 years ago and started a conversation about what they could do in support of veterans.  

In 2019, they decided that they wanted to provide veterans with an opportunity to transition into leadership roles within the industry. To achieve this, they developed 3 tenets that have helped them accomplish their goal: 

1- Mentoring 

2- Personal Branding  

3- Job Sourcing 

According to Scot, the first tenet, mentoring, is the most important as it typically consumes the most amount of time during the person’s transition period. Mentoring helps each veteran understand what they need to do to find work in the industry, based on their background in the military. 

As for the second tenet, personal branding, it provides focus around developing the skills and confidence to allow the veteran to go out into the civilian world and being flexible enough to be able to build a long-term professional career in the industry. This can be accomplished through networking, social media, and becoming involved with different associations, and education.  

Finally, the third tenet is Job Sourcing, which becomes the result of having had great mentoring and personal branding. Troops2Logistics believe that by doing these two things well, opportunities will become available. Additionally, the nonprofit’s mentors are all from different parts of the industry, so they may hear of an available position that one of the veterans might be perfectly suited for, and can be recommended for the position. 

Through this exciting partnership, Hubtek will be able to contribute to a great cause, and LTNA members will get a great deal to take advantage of all the content available in our ProfitQuest platform!  

To learn more about our partners visit https://troops2logistics.org/ and https://ltna.org/.  

To learn more about ProfitQuest click here.

To learn more about how Hubtek supports veterans through ProfitQuest registration, watch this video where Joel McGinley explains it:

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