The Power of Collaborative Strategic Planning
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4 August, 2022 |

This past week, we lived the power of collaborative strategic planning, the Hubtek team made the pilgrimage to Medellin to focus on the strategic direction of the company for the second half of the year – aligning back to the initial plans (as needed) and broadening our perspective towards the opportunities that have become apparent on the horizon. 

With a focus on the “Why” of our intentions, the strategy planning truly becomes a collaborative effort across each team and department. Goals provide direction, habits around key objectives are introduced and the ‘belief in purpose’ becomes the generator for all moving forward. As Managing Partner, Joel McGinley, stated, “It is not a job, it is a journey.”   

The evolution of Hubtek over the past three and a half years has been exciting to witness and an honor to become part of. As we interact, collaborate, and build the vision for the next 12, 24, and 36 months, the flywheel of past activity begins to move the potential energy ever faster and ever stronger to meet and achieve that which we set out to accomplish. 

Congratulations and deep appreciation to Ricardo Gonzalez and the people throughout Hubtek and a very large Thank You to our customers, our partners, and everyone who touches the lives of our grateful organization for your faith and commitment to doing great work together.  

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