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15 August, 2022 |

Agility in the Supply Chain: This past week, I had the distinct pleasure to have a conversation with Chris Arredondo (Cargo Chief) and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey (Let’s Talk Supply Chain) about the state of technology within the supply chain and some necessary approaches to reviewing and implementing tech into business operations.

With a poignant comparison to the “archer” gaming character, Chris pointed out the necessity to be adaptable and agile when facing an uncertain future. He touched on the value of having multiple arrows in your quiver to react and face a variety of new obstacles. Strength, power and size can be limiting in a disruptive market where volatility, uncertainty and change reign supreme.

Integration of technology into existing platforms, or as a replacement of an existing process, can prepare logistics companies to not only face the changes of today, but to use the inherent captured data in order to be better equipped and informed for the disruptions of the future.

Technology to unlock potential

Technology acts as an acceleration tool and a counter weight that allows smaller companies to compete at a more even level with companies that historically dominated the market. Speed to market and the confidence of good data driven decisions provide companies of any size to be stewards of their customers’ freight.  

As you may look to new technology solutions related to capacity, data integration, pricing and more, it is important to be thoughtful on the approach:

  1. Determine the goal or outcome you are looking to achieve – do not be swayed by technology as FOMO (see blockchain) – find the gaps and fill the gaps in your business process
  2. Understand how and why a new technology fits into your process (review the process to make sure it needs a solution) – is your process solid to begin with? – technology bolted onto a poor process creates faster decline
  3. Focus on the ‘must haves’ and don’t get overly bogged down with the ‘nice to haves’ – too often, chasing the shiny object can ruin a solid solution
  4. Don’t plan to go too big or too fast – look for small wins that you can achieve at regular intervals
  5. Set (and require) proper expectations with potential technology partners – don’t allow communication barriers and scope creep to derail existing efforts

Many thanks to Sarah for facilitating the conversation with insightful questions and Chris for his sharp mind, quick wit and powerful solutions perspective.

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