Storytelling and Wonder – 2022 TEANA ANNUAL CONFERENCE
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19 August, 2022 |

This past weekend, I attended the 2022 TEANA ANNUAL CONFERENCE (The Expedite Association of North America) in Charlotte, NC. I had the chance to connect and learn from this tight knit group of folks, specializing in air freight and expedited delivery logistics.

As with any ‘new’ conference – at least new for me – there is that initial fear of finding a connection or avenue into a seasoned set of colleagues and friends. The openness and welcome of the group allowed meaningful conversations and opportunities to be found.

A key takeaway was introduced by keynote speaker, Harris III. The idea that leadership is rooted in storytelling was particularly impactful. It goes back to the notion that our job as leaders is to inform the journey that we take in our businesses – to create and shape the narrative to inspire belief and wonder for those with whom we share the journey.

Each of us must welcome the WOW of new ideas to open our minds to innovation and change management. The ‘adult’ in us yearns to understand the HOW of things and, in so doing, we lose our ability to absorb the possibilities that exist in welcoming the wonder in a WOW state.

We don’t have all of the answers, but the answers do exist. We just need to be open to conversations – and stories – to guide us there.  

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