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ByAngelica Ireño |
1 September, 2022 |

Hubtek is proud to announce the Opening of our services to New Industries!

As Hubtek continues its growth and expansion in support of Technology, Talent and Training needs across the marketplace, we are now offering these tools and platform beyond the transportation industry and are pleased to announce the addition of Mexico as a new pool for talent and leadership.

Per CEO, Ricky Gonzalez, “To coincide with Labor Day 2022, we are excited to bring our labor and talent solutions to a broader group of industries and markets. Strategically, our talent platform aligns to a wider audience as the US Labor market continues to face greater challenges. Mexico, and our new BPO Leader, Christian Sanchez, brings us a regional expertise that will take us to the next level of success.”

Mr. Sanchez, a 20 year veteran of Global BPO operations and leadership, brings a new level of expertise that spans multiple industries and eliminates borders. Said Mr. Sanchez of his new role with Hubtek, “I am thrilled to join this project and help Hubtek on the expansion plans to other industries and the continuous growth of logistics operations.  Having Mexico as an option will definitely bring more value to our clients. Along with our capacity to develop technology to every process and our top-of-the-line training platform, we will make sure every client has the best experience optimizing their workforce and processes.”

While we will continue to focus on building our offerings suite within the transportation industry, we also recognize the value of nearshore LATAM Talent for other markets. The combination of Strategy, Training, and Technology, in conjunction with the Talent Platform, provides a more complete and streamlined approach to labor needs. The expansion to Mexico adds a deeper and wider pool of people to raise the bar of Human Capital at Hubtek.

Mr. Gonzalez added, “Hubtek is expanding to fulfill a broader global workforce necessity with its easy-to-use “a la carte” labor recruitment, staffing, payroll, management, automation, and training platform. We are just bringing together the most robust talent suite and elevating how global organizations hire and manage their remote teams worldwide.”  

Hubtek, a global workforce platform, is headquartered in Miami, FL to allow for optimal collaboration between the US and Latin America. Founded in 2018, Hubtek continues to attract strong talent to build quality teams and business solutions in support of transportation and all industries that demand Talent and Technology optimization.

Written by: Andrew Gulovsen

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