Deeper Insights: Hubtek’s Partnership with Freightwaves’ Sonar
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27 September, 2022 |

The TABiConnect platform offers a powerful solution in targeting spot market freight opportunities!

Hubtek is excited to announce our partnership with Freightwaves and the integration of the TRAC Spot Freight Rates and Capacity Lane Scores into the TABiConnect platform to offer our mutual customers a powerful solution in targeting spot market freight opportunities.

“As we continue to build out TABiConnect, the industry standard of Rate Quoting Automation, partnerships with data science leading companies like FreightWaves strengthens the platform. Customers can become more confident in how they quote – taking the most current rates and combining them with the broad scope parameter sets to accelerate qualified competitive information back to shippers and capture more freight as a result.”, expresses Hubtek’s VP of Partnerships, Scott Hadley.

The TABiConnect platform allows transportation providers to quote across the spectrum of customer requests: emails, shipper platforms, RFPs, RealTime Rating, etc) to quickly and accurately quote to capture freight and to build deeper databases of rate history to make better business development decisions.

“Rate integration for the spot market is just the first step of the partnership with FreightWaves.”, says Hadley, “There is huge untapped potential in how we can serve our customers – now and into the future.

Hubtek is a workforce optimization solutions provider focused on Talent, Technology and Training to elevate and grow its customers throughout the transportation industry.

FreightWaves is the most trusted provider of global supply chain market intelligence. Our high-frequency price, demand, and capacity data and analysis allow our customers to benchmark, analyze, monitor and forecast the global physical economy.   

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