Greenscreens and Hubtek took over the Chicago freight scene
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Byadmin-hubtek |
27 September, 2022 |

Some weeks ago, Greenscreens and Hubtek took over the Chicago freight scene in a casual environment to connect with our mutual and future customers. 

I had the pleasure to meet and greet some amazing people and have some incredible bonding time with our great partner, Greenscreens
Both of our products are tools that our mutual customers can use to bring efficiency, intelligence, speed and accuracy to the spot quoting process and during our event, we could attest to that through the many positive conversations that took place. 
I was delighted to see happy customers who were excited about our products and were sharing their experiences with other interested buyers. 
Based on this event outcome, we will keep replicating the same success we had in Chicago freight scene around the country, bringing a friendly event to freight hubs and showcasing the power of partnerships and the value of Hubtek’s programs. 

Written by: Ricardo González, CEO and Co-founder.

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