Metaverse in the logistics industry, is it a good idea? 
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29 September, 2022 |

Our reality is being impacted by the metaverse, but, how the metaverse can impact the future of the logistics industry?

Nowadays, technology and artificial intelligence are trends that people are starting to question. We’ve heard about both the benefits and the disadvantages of it, and every day new information is coming to us. According to Forbes, Metaverse is a term that describes the combination of virtual reality and mixed reality worlds. It can be found in a browser, and it allows people to interact with each other in real-time across distance. 

We spoke with experts in our company, and this is what they had to say about metaverse in the logistics industry: 

First, we spoke with Juan David Sanchez, our Development Manager. He believes that the arrival of Metaverse to the logistics industry implies a new picture of possibilities. Since this new technology and growth brings a whole new level of high fidelity to the way we interact with virtual scenarios, he thinks that it may give a huge push to fronts like training. “Imagine a truck driver, training in a Metaverse truck, simulating the route he will take on his next trip to familiarize himself with the road situation or possible issues before he even takes the wheel”. 

In addition, he thinks that Metaverse adds new experiences and opportunities to improve our customer approach, like realistic digital tours of new models of transportation operations, or showcasing future products, generating a visual and hard to forget impact on how you expose ideas and solutions to specific needs. He concludes by saying that “this is for sure a cool step to the next level of tech”. 

Andrew Gulovsen, our CMO, states that as logistics and supply chain organizations begin to adapt and adopt new technologies, the Metaverse offers some intriguing options, and while there are several challenges associated with the anonymity within virtual environments, we need to focus on the positive opportunities and outcomes available. He also says that “training and process improvement jump out to me as key takeaways from this technology, creating simulations and educational tools that mimic a true experience will be huge wins for 3PLS and warehouse activities, allowing near real-world training with limited to no risk”. 

Finally, he argues that by creating twin environments, companies can identify real-world inefficiencies and build solutions within the meta location before rolling out to the actual process environment. “The key is to use the virtual universe towards the development of building better real-world solutions”. 

Ricardo Gonzalez, our CEO, believes that the Metaverse will play a significant role in the supply chain within the next 10 years. “I foresee the build-out of digital twins and training simulators to enhance warehouse operators or truck drivers’ skills development, or also elevate office staff training through advanced roleplay simulation”. 

Adriana Padilla, our Product Development Director, argues that “the Metaverse will definitely change the way logistics is being done.  In fact, it’s already changing.  Many companies who have begun to venture into these technologies are seeing results, so far incipient, but promising”. She thinks that one of the challenges for logistics organizations is identifying and quickly responding to demand and supply volatility, and that to optimize resources, companies need to scale up, or down, their physical assets, including personnel in quick time. She concludes by saying that learning from digital simulations and expert interactions in the Metaverse could be used in designing highly adaptive distribution networks, warehouses, and sortation centers. Companies can make prompt and effective decisions to adjust their capacity, workforce, and other assets based on learning from the Metaverse. 

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Based on our expert’s points of view, do you think Metaverse is a good idea? Let us know.  

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