New Hubtek Office Opening in Mexico
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3 October, 2022 |

We are excited about this New Hubtek Office Opening in Mexico, a new pool for talent and leadership!

We are excited about expanding our technology, talent, and training services to new markets, and adding Mexico as a new pool for talent and leadership. What better way to find out more about this than to hear from our new BPO Leader, Christian Sanchez?  So we asked him some questions about this new endeavor: 

What are the initial expectations?  

We expect to continue our growth, expanding our logistics operations in Mexico as well as opening to new industries.   

What can our clients expect to find in Mexico and its talent pool?    

Proximity to major cities in the US with short, direct flights.  Also, given its proximity, English is widely spoken in Mexico. During the past 15 years, the level of higher education has continued to improve, resulting in a vast pool of bilingual and bicultural candidates, eager to contribute to the growth of the company and fulfill client expectations.    

What would you say about Hubtek to those people who are looking for a job right now?   

Hubtek is a growing tech company in the logistics industry that can help you advance your career in many aspects.    

What are the current goals?   

We expect to grow rapidly in Mexico and open to new industries within the year.    

In which cities will you be recruiting?   

We will be focused on opening in three major cities in Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.  

Define Hubtek in 3 words:   

People, technology, and training   

What was the key factor in your decision to join Hubtek?   

The aggressive growth that the company has had, as well as their plans for the future, building a great company with a great culture.    

What can you tell the Hubtek team and our customers/partners about yourself?   

I am a 20-year veteran in the BPO sector with experience in logistics operations. I have been working, in recent years, with start-ups, to help them grow, focusing on the customer success and satisfaction side. 

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