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25 October, 2022 |

Written by: Andrew Gulovsen

Hubtek created the Hubtek’s First Customer Advisory Board to capture insights and expectations from customers.

Customer feedback, both honest and collaborative, is so important in building any business. This year Hubtek created our first Customer Advisory Board to capture the insights and expectations of the customer voice in a more structured way than before. With meetings throughout the year, we have been able to draw out ideas and opinions about how we grow and the strategic directions we may choose (or not choose) to go.

The culmination of this first journey occurred this past week in Medellin as we welcomed the board to our offices for a two day meeting to discuss the year, the current state and the trajectory of our company and our partnerships. This visit allowed some of our customers their first trip to Colombia so they could meet their own teams and the Hubtek teams with whom they interact daily. The power of meeting face to face with a business partner or your remote teams can not be truly measured, but reinforces the connection that little else can.

Beyond our expectations of insights and feedback, we were amazed at the level of interaction between the companies to learn, share and grow. New ideas and new ways of addressing problems became frictionless as the conversations progressed. The brain trust and magnitude of entrepreneurial thinking was a pleasure to witness.

As we, at Hubtek, continue to grow, we look forward to the development and evolution of the Customer Advisory Board to help us align our strategy to the strength of our customers’ voices – to build and improve solutions to serve them and to adjust as the markets and needs change.

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