2022 LTNA National Conference
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28 October, 2022 |

This month, we attended the 2022 LTNA NATIONAL CONFERENCE (Logistics & Transportation Association of North America) in San Diego, CA. We had the chance to connect and learn from shippers and marketing agencies to insurance companies and logistics service providers.

The LTNA (Logistics & Transportation Association of North America) celebrated the 100th anniversary of its annual conference at the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA, on Oct. 9th – 11th, where the best in the industry were able to enjoy some great networking opportunities. fun happy hours, and incredible speakers.  

LTNA is a conference that brings together a range of different companies, from shippers and marketing agencies to insurance companies and logistics service providers. The mix of so many different sectors allows us to discover the points of view of each of these sectors regarding logistics, and helps all participants understand the different expectations and work on improvement plans to provide a better service.

Hubtek’s Sales Director, Mariana Valencia and CSO, Dan Hellmann jumped at the chance to take part in the conference and meet up with current and potential customers and partners, to discuss the impactful solutions Hubtek is implementing.  

Dan also had the amazing opportunity to be one of the conference speakers on the tech panel. His speech was directed at answering questions related to automation in the logistics industry. He talked about investing in tech implementations and focusing on revenue and cost reduction. He also shared different success stories related to automation systems in supply chain industries. 

A few months ago, we announced our partnership with the LTNA to offer a 10% discount for all LTNA members who sign up for our ProfitQuest platform, which provides training, coaching, strategic planning and industry networking designed to accelerate your company development and profitability – preparing and positioning your company to effectively compete and scale.  

Along with the discount for LTNA members, Hubtek will be donating an additional 10% from each of those subscriptions to Troops2Logistics, to support their efforts in helping military veterans, guard reserves and military spouses looking to transition into the civil workforce, to find jobs and to build careers in logistics.  

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