Mike Riccio and Tory Bass join ProfitQuest as New Coaches!
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2 November, 2022 |

Our New Coaches, Mike Riccio and Tory Bass join ProfitQuest and were visiting our offices in Medellín last month!

This past month, Hubtek welcomed our newest coaches down in Medellin to meet with the team and our Customer Advisory Board. The addition of Mike Riccio and Tory Bass to the Hubtek roster brings additional dimensions of strength, wisdom and insight for our ProfitQuest customer base.

Between them, Mike and Tory have served over 50 years growing and leading transportation and brokerage organizations – understanding the nuanced navigation of economic and business challenges. Their experience and delivery of strategic support compliment the programs developed by Hubtek co-founder and managing partner, Joel McGinley, to provide a broader scope perspective on the business needs of today’s 3PL organizations.

Asked about his impressions of the team and Hubtek, Tory stated, “It’s simply the people within the programs that makes me most excited. TABi, staffing, and coaching are all impressive programs, but the passionate people I had the privilege to meet are what makes them special! I look forward to working alongside the Hubtek team and the community they impact.”

Together, the new coaches add fresh new perspectives to an already successful program. The combination of process and performance aligns to the goals established for Hubtek and to our clients needs. We are excited about the new possibilities in serving our clients across the full spectrum of Hubtek solutions.

Watch this video of Mike Riccio and Tory Bass join ProfitQuest!

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