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11 November, 2022 |

Hubtek was present at the TIA – 3PL Technovations Conference 2022, where technology and the logistics industry meet.

Beyond the strength of the sessions and showcases, the true power of the TIA conferences is about spending one on one and small group time with people – friends old and new. Business is conducted by people – people who crave connection and trust. Combine that with solid business solutions brings forth a recipe for success. 

Over the last week of October, Ben Marsh and I had the opportunity to reconnect with customers and colleagues at the TIA Technovations conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Beautiful weather and a technology first lineup greeted us and set the tone for solid connections and learning. 

The value of data, both in its form and in the insights gleaned from it, was an overarching theme of the conference. As the volume, type and access to data becomes more and more available, it becomes important how we capture, curate and manage the streams and how we incorporate that data into our decision making. It is imperative to understand the sources of data and the manner in which we digest it – while data is truth, the interpretation of it is always subjective and driven by perspective. Beware: Data can tell and inform any story you want to tell. It can be spun to fit the narrative. The goal is to design a process that creates the most objective utilization of the data to tell you what you need to understand, not to support what you want to hear. 

Particular shout outs to Anne Rienke, Cindy Amos, Mike Riccio and the TIA team, Dawn Salvucci-Favier, Brandon Bay, Chris Jolly, Russ Jones and Jim Kenny for making this a great conference.

Written by: Andrew Gulovsen

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