Supply Chain Digitalization: Should Workers be Worried about it?
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17 November, 2022 |

Supply Chain Digitalization brings with it different questions and doubts among workers, but is it a threat or rather an opportunity?

Nowadays, in the logistics and supply chain industry, it is not new to hear about digitalization and automation. The market has multiple software and technological resources to help companies save time, money and minimize mistakes.  According to FreightWaves and the expert Harry G. Broadman, “Digitalization applications will become increasingly mainstream in supply chain management. However, the scenario of a fully fluid and frictionless supply chain spanning thousands of miles and touching dozens of stakeholders is still far off in the future.” 

We spoke with experts in our company about Supply Chain Digitalization , and this is what they had to say: 

Andrew Gulovsen, our CMO, states that supply chain digitalization is designed to deliver a touchless and frictionless shipping experience; and while that’s the goal, many logistics organizations only have part of the chain automated.  People remain, and will remain, a key component for success.  In the short term, businesses still need human interactions to monitor and manage exceptions.  Long-term, human interaction will continue to be a necessity, but mainly for relationship development, issue resolution, and strategic planning around resource deployment.  He concludes by saying that the transformation will be about how we interact with the freight ecosystem, what we need to know, how to deploy the available tools, and how to interpret the data captured by those tools. 

Elizabeth Velez, COO at Hubtek, said, “I don’t consider that workers should be worried about supply chain digitalization. However, I do consider that all of us need to stay ahead of the game. If we know where our industry is going, then we need to prepare ourselves for that new market and its tech environment.” She continues by saying that supply chain digitalization is here to make our industry more reliable and efficient so, “I invite you all to embrace it and understand how technology in supply chain works, what it brings, and what your role will look like.” This will help us identify what we need to learn and how we need to prepare to continue contributing to the development of our job. She concludes by saying that technology is not here to replace us, but to make us more efficient, allowing us to focus on strategic tasks rather than operational tasks.   

Ricardo Gonzalez, our CEO says that automation, AI, and digitization of the supply chain will bring challenges to the existing workforce that used to be good at a particular function. “The way I see it is that workers will need to reinvent themselves and learn new skills that are on par with technological advances. Workers must understand that working in harmony with the machine will bring more job satisfaction, as the software or hardware robots will perform the tedious heavy lifting, leaving the more creative and rewarding functions to the human worker.”  

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Based on our expert’s points of view, let us know what you think. 

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