Third-Party Logistics Revolution: Advancements to Improve Supply Chains
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22 December, 2022 |

Implementing third-party logistics has been extremely helpful when businesses start growing. Don´t miss this blog!

Implementing third-party logistics has been extremely helpful when businesses start growing. According to the website Red Stag “A third-party logistics company can store your inventory for you. It will pick, pack, and ship your products. 3PL is the vital link between your manufacturing operations and your customers. When your order fulfillment operations run smoothly, your customers are happy, and your business grows. It’s not an exaggeration to say that excellent fulfillment is the key to success for eCommerce companies.” 

We spoke with experts in our company, and this is what they had to say: 

Geronimo Rodriguez, Growth Master at Hubtek states that one of the most important advantages of implementing digital solutions for a company is the ability to collect data. Information is very valuable in today’s world. And with the right tools, this data can be transformed and presented in meaningful ways to drive informed decisions. “For example, instead of only looking at external sources to gain market insights, a 3PL could also look internally to uncover important information about what is working for them, what isn’t, and what changes are needed to get to the next level. This is the first step companies are trying to reach to remain competitive.” 

He concludes by saying that for the next step of digital transformation, top companies seem to be taking an approach of combining their workforce with their automation into one seamless solution for their customers. If we look at how the world is right now, and how the market is right now, this is what seems to be selling: the one package solution that is really going to solve a problem for you, and this is probably where the future is going to be in this industry. 

Elizabeth Londoño Hubtek’s Hubmaster argues that “It’s not a secret that all industries need to properly deploy technology to improve themselves and gain new customers. At Hubtek, you’ll find a satellite office that can help you with everything you need, even though we are in a different country, so data, technology platforms and artificial intelligence are ways to help you give better service, and here at Hubtek you’ll find that the TABi automation is our superstar. “ 

Finally, we heard from Maria Moreno, Carrier Representative Accelerator at Hubtek, she thinks that the driving factor for innovation in supply chain and logistics is delivering goods in smart, efficient ways. Technology becomes the central core for all missions to be fulfilled in an easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly way. She states that the reason behind the greener pathway is that the consumer shopping trends have given a surge in delivery traffic and emissions, and, as a result, logistics providers have been moving towards supporting green initiatives: Utilizing Clean Energy, Different Sources of Energy (such as solar panels), using electric vehicles, all for the purpose of eliminating carbon emissions.  

Additionally, customer and supply chain interactions have been shifting towards more of an optimization revolution. This revolution has been fueled by the pandemic and has made all consumers and B2B Processes turn to technology to streamline the movement of goods.   

She continues by saying that data has been leveraged within 3PLs to drive changes in their operations. Other technology tools, Warehouse Management Systems and Transportation Management Systems, have helped to optimize the supply chain performance against increased demand, shipping rates, and high consumer expectations – providing forecast of product demand movement, rote optimization, fleet management and order completion.  Machine learning has become more intuitive and allows the 3PLs to optimize their worker’s experience. 

She concludes saying that lastly, this is all in the purpose of delivering goods in smart efficient ways. These advancements have become a call for embracing technology, advising and optimization on each phase of the order life cycle. 

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