Hubtek gifts happiness to children from ¨Viviendo Juntos¨
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6 January, 2023 |

For the holiday season Hubtek gifts happiness to children in vulnerable situations in Medellín.

WECare – Corporación Viviendo Juntos: At Hubtek, we are passionate about supporting projects and corporations that work hard to make a difference in our communities by gifting them some happiness this time of the year. So, when Christmas came around, we felt it was especially important to remember those who are less fortunate and are facing illness, poverty, or other struggles through the holiday season.   

With this in mind, we decided to partner with Corporacion Viviendo Juntos to bring presents and spend an afternoon full of games, fun, and happiness with the children the corporation helps. We had the opportunity to talk to the kids and their mothers, give each a Christmas present, and spread some holiday cheer.   

Corporación Viviendo Juntos aims to provide comprehensive care in early childhood, and comprehensive protection for high-risk children, adolescents, and their families through the implementation and support of activities, charity programs, and other initiatives in the areas of education, culture, work, health, housing, community development, sports, and recreation. 

Having seen firsthand the beautiful and meaningful work that the foundation is doing, where we shared and experienced the conditions in which the children and their families live, we want to continue carrying out activities and initiatives with them. We are grateful and full of happiness for all the opportunities we had during 2022 to partner with different projects to help our communities, and we are excited to continue doing so in 2023. We’d also like to encourage everyone in the company who would like to participate in these activities to let us know so we can make it happen! 

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