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9 January, 2023 |

CEO End of the Year Message: Ricky Gonzalez, CEO, and co-founder at Hubtek, wanted to share a message with you for the New Year 2023. 

Hello everyone! 

I’m Ricky Gonzalez, CEO, and co-founder at Hubtek,  and I wanted to share my message with you for 2023. 

I truly want to let you know how thankful I feel for the continued support, for the great partnership, and for giving us the chance to show you how we can serve you better. I also want to give you a little peek into our future – our goal is to become the preferred world-class supply chain platform by improving our three-prong approach of Technology, Talent, and Training. I also want to create a direct line of communication between your company and myself. I welcome your feedback, your stories, and opportunities for improvement. 

Hubtek offers a complete optimization program that makes your workforce more productive through Automation, Training & Coaching, and cost-effective nearshore staffing. We understand all that goes into creating a successful transportation organization, aligning our solutions to help you achieve sustainable cost savings and a scalable growth strategy. We firmly believe in deploying technology to perform tasks more accurately, more efficiently, and faster than ever. 

We are incredibly proud of our accomplishments this year and we would like to share them with you: 

  • We doubled our revenue without doubling the headcount size  
  • We ended the year with 5% of our customer base converted to use all three of our service lines -capturing the true benefits of our program.  
  • We have served our 175th customer  
  • We added two more Service Delivery Centers in Latin America to enhance the available pool of candidates and support your business with greater diversity (Mexico and Ecuador).  
  • We consolidated and converted our legacy TranStrategy Coaching and BrokerTrain training products into a more modern and immersive training and coaching experience –  ProfitQuest.  
  • We added two new expert coaches to our ProfitQuest coaching experience.  
  • We surpassed the 800-employee mark amongst the whole enterprise.  
  • We added exciting new features to our TABi Connect SaaS products: Rating Management System (RMS), Load Building Automation (LBA), Invoice Management System (IMS)  
  • We partnered with 16 new and powerful vendors to provide a better and more connected experience across our solutions portfolio.    
  • We ended the year with a low 5% turnover rate, 4x lower than North America’s average employee turnover rate in the supply chain industry.   

But this will not be the end of it, we are so excited to see what the new year has to offer and how far we can grow with Hubtek and with each one of you. 

We have some great things coming for 2023:  

  • We will open at least two more Service Delivery Centers across LATAM with a broader, better, and more diverse pool of candidates to present to you and fulfill your hiring needs.  
  • We will double our revenue (again) in the next 12 months.  
  • We will add at least 100 more learning modules in ProfitQuest.  
  • We are migrating to a more immersive LMS, fully connected with our Co-Management programs, and offering an integrated experience between our training and staffing programs.   
  • We initiated our expansion beyond Freight Brokerages and Motor Carriers to support a broader audience. Everything from Insurance to Financial services – offering a more compelling solution while creating a more extensive network you could tap into as exclusive member customers.  

We will keep on delivering and building at least two programs in each Talentek and “Hubtek on-demand” product:  

  1. Talentek: Our vision with this program is to be more strategic about growing headcount by adding the right amount of people + technology (automation), as opposed to “just throwing bodies to processes” like traditional Staffing Companies / BPOs.   
  2. Hubtek on-demand or TABi GO: Our vision with this program is to deliver the outcome of some processes to your organization, in a transactional and fractional way, as opposed to having to staff people through us (or any other staffing provider), eliminating the risk and cost associated with “owning” an outsourced human team to perform a task.  

We plan to start our “Digital Transformation” process for all the staffing services and to start an end-to-end, self-service experience but always have the support of the powerful management team to handle any issues that might occur. We also plan to evolve our business into a “Transparent” marketplace, where you can have complete control of your employee/team salary and will be able to do the changes and repositioning of your people as you wish and as you think will be the best fit for everyone. Our main focus with this is offering simplicity and flexibility for your teams by having a way to get access to everything and everyone you might need. 

We want to Strengthen our partner relationships to become more connected and integrated in our service to the industry. We plan to lower our turnover rate to 4% or less in the next 12 months. We plan to be recognized as a great place to work in Latin America by developing stronger bonds with different communities and nations to diversify and expand the talent footprint and opportunities for you. We will add new and exciting features to our SaaS products and modules that will allow us to enhance our leadership position in Supply Chain process automation.  

All of the success that we have been fortunate to achieve couldn’t be possible without YOU –  and for that, we are incredibly grateful.  This CEO End of the Year Message is to remind all of you that adversity presents opportunity when met with an open mind. Manifest the future by taking action and embracing change.  

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