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2 February, 2023 |

How to choose the best talent for a company? Is not only about finding new talent but the challenge to keep the people that you already have

Choosing the best talent for a company can be very stressful because there are many things you must consider before hiring someone. Currently, the market is experiencing a labor shortage, making this process even more difficult.  So, your work is not only about finding new talent but the challenge to keep the people that you already have. According to Forbes, “The war for talent is a term that’s been circulating since the late 1990s to describe how challenging it can be for organizations to recruit and retain the best talent. What is standing in the way of businesses finding good talent today? With the “Great Resignation” currently underway, companies are feeling the heat more than ever, and many may need to reexamine and improve their approach to survive and thrive.” 

We spoke with experts in our company, and this is what they had to say: 

Angie Carolina Giraldo, Wellness Analyst at Hubtek, shared some thoughts on how to choose and retain the best talent for your company. “When it comes down to choosing, it’s essential to be clear about what we are looking for in an employee.  For that, it’s helpful to have an excellent job description. This helps us to know exactly what we are looking for and, in our candidates, we look for people that have our core values.  For example, passionate people. People that have good teamwork skills and clear expectations.  Also, we have a recruitment process where our People Experience Department and our clients are both involved in the process so that we can get each side’s perspective and meet the expectations of our clients. And throughout the process, we accompany our future employees.  Once we select them, we have a very friendly onboarding process, where we make them feel part of the family.” 

She emphasized that, when talking about retention, it’s crucial to know the needs of current employees as well as future employees.  “We have a benefits package that offers things like health insurance, 24/7 medical attention, nutritional advice, and a full-plan gym for them to use. We also celebrate special dates to make them feel comfortable and happy. We have spaces for them to relax during the day, and we give them the opportunity to learn new skills, not only in a professional way but also in a personal way. Last, but not least, we maintain our culture through active listening, empathy, and committed leaders.” 

Vanessa Restrepo, Hubtek’s Talent Hunter, said that several factors need to be considered in the selection of talent, such as experience in the logistics industry and in the position to be filled.  “However, we also place much value on each person’s potential and desire to learn about what we do and to learn from this beautiful industry. It is important to us that all of our employees have a stable job, so each of them can stay with us for an extended period, where they can grow and contribute more besides just filling a role at Hubtek.” 

She believes that it is a great benefit to the company to find people with a young mentality, who inspire and are prepared to give 100% in their work, and who create and propose new ideas and processes that lead your team to greater success. “When we talk about Hubtek and its talent, we talk about values such as passion, clarity, empathy, teamwork, proactivity, innovation, and continuous learning; and we work as a team so that our selection processes are transparent, organized, and full of empathy with each candidate, making every moment with Hubtek an excellent experience.” 

In addition, she finds that one of the best ways to retain talent is to not only offer good benefits, but also an environment that supports the physical and mental health of employees; benefits that make a special contribution to their lives.  “Spaces that are pet-friendly, modern, and comfortable can enhance the well-being of our talent.  An environment that promotes the cohesion of their work and their individual well-being, using different activities, both face-to-face and virtual, inside and outside the office, can improve the work and well-being of the entire company.” 

Finally, Diana Beltrán, Talent Acquisition Manager here at Hubtek shared a good practice to choose and retain the best talent for your company.  “Writing good job descriptions can help you to find the best employees. Plus, job seekers want good pay and full benefits, and today’s employees are looking for inclusive company culture and ample opportunities for professional development. Finally, good training and good management and practices can have a big impact on your employee retention.” 

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