How ChatGPT can help the logistics industry
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9 February, 2023 |

How ChatGPT can help the logistics industry? We should focus on how we can use this technology to our advantage rather than worrying about it.

The rise of artificial intelligence is a reality that we must confront. We see in the news daily how these new technologies work and how people are using them. There are a lot of concerns about this, but instead of being worried, we should be thinking about how we can take advantage of this technology in our businesses. According to the website Brookings “One of the key advantages of ChatGPT over traditional search engines is its ability to provide contextualized and processed information. ChatGPT can understand the context of a search query and provide results that are relevant and specific to the user’s needs by using natural language processing techniques.” 

 We spoke with experts in our company, and this is what they had to say: 

Drew Cherba, VP of Client Development at Hubtek, states that there was ongoing debate throughout 2022 about whether we were entering an AI Summer or an AI Winter. The open release of the ChatGPT platform in November by OpenAI literally opened eyes and dropped jaws with its AI capability to answer questions, provide inspiration, help deliver insight, solve problems, and create effective communication.  As users try it out, it’s being hailed as a revolutionary innovation that will be remembered as a landmark technological development as groundbreaking as the smartphone. 

He continues by saying that, now just a few months later on February 7th, 2023, Microsoft announces the Bing search engine is now running on a new, next-generation Open AI large language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT. We are in the middle of a red-hot AI Summer. 

As we pick our jaws up off the floor and start thinking critically about how this technology will affect us personally and professionally, it is certainly intriguing to consider how the accelerated advances in AI are going to impact logistics & supply chain. Drew shared with us his taught about this technology:  

  • Clear up errors in Order Entry 
  • Allow customers to ask ChatGPT for basic updates while automating simple tracking functions. 
  • Use AI to help with appointment setting. 
  • Driver running late or suddenly falling off?  Save time and stress by getting some insight from ChatGPT on how to craft that important message to the shipper or consignee. 
  • Solve issues faster by streamlining communication to multiple parties to the shipment. 

He concludes by saying that while the logistics and supply chain industry has been slow to adopt and adapt to tech innovations over the years, it is extremely apparent that is not the case anymore. We’re ready to embrace these revolutionary tools. “It’s a fascinating time to innovate and evaluate our supply change as the AI summer seems to be in full swing.” 

Juan David Sanchez, Development Manager here at Hubtek affirms that ChatGPT stands as a new revolution on conversational AIs in the present, that’s a fact we can’t deny but, a good question it’s: is it ready for specific industries focuses? Let’s take logistics industries as an example, if ChatGPT could get integrated as a customer service chatbot, at first, may seem like it can do what the actual chatbots do with no differences, in terms of giving information about the general industry or about specific company policies.  

Also processing basic transactions, at least in customer service terms… but what if the advanced skills it has would be taken to a new level like for example setting parameters like the best route to transport a load, the most adequate type of vehicle to use, or calculating precise delivery time? 

He concludes by saying that as in other industries are the same: everything may depend on how things go about its expansion in the future and how humans and processes evolve to adapt to it. 

We also heard from Adriana Padilla, Product Developer Director, she states that using data as input for decision-making is no longer part of the future, learning and adapting to these new tools is essential for business survival. and the logistics and transportation industries are no exceptions. she sees a ton of examples of how to use ChatGPT  in this industry; a few of them are:  

  • Ask ChatGPT for better routes to move your freight, price information, and fuel price information. 
  • Ask about better ways to manage or organize your stock. 
  • Sales and lead generation are other good examples, such as connecting to your CRM to manage and track leads, they have APIs to connect with the Main CRMs. 
  • You can use ChatGPT API to train your chatbots, making them more open to more questions and capable of simulating human capabilities. 

She concludes by saying that regardless of all this usage, we need to be careful; OpenAI, the owner of CHATGPT, has mentioned that it is still a beta version that may present errors. However, despite the mistakes, The most surprising thing about it is to see what this tool can become and that the future that we used to see only in movies is here and now. 

Finally, we had our CMO Andrew Gulovsen chime in. He expressed that from a marketing perspective, as AI continues to improve and develop, its utilization will become more widespread and, in turn, even more valuable. The speed at which ChatGPT creates content with just a few prompts opens a huge opportunity. On the marketing side, something like 80 to 90% of the heavy lifting of content creation can be done through the tool. The crafting of the message becomes the primary focus for content creators in the future – incorporating that tool into the existing content methodology.   

He continues by saying that with any new technology, there are a few worries. First, the massive dump of content into emails and social media pushes it out that way and hopefully, it’s quality and not just quantity. And then also the source recognition aspect of it, just items are related to plagiarism and intellectual property. Those jump out to me as areas that need to be addressed. 

He concludes by saying that overall, it’s a powerful new tool for communication idea development, not only on the marketing side but also tech development and what it can do on creating code. There are just a lot of things that people are just now beginning to understand and explore with this tool. 

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