The Advancement of Technology Within the Supply Chain: Hubtek at Manifest 2023
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Byadmin-hubtek |
17 February, 2023 |

Hubtek was part of the manifest 2023 conference where we learned all about the advancement of technology within the supply chain.

This past week, Hubtek had the privilege to start our conference year at Manifest in Las Vegas. As a first-time attendee to the conference, we were duly impressed with the breadth of participation across all categories of the supply chain. For us, the particular standouts at the conference were: 

1)      The level of open collaboration between attendees and vendors looking to leverage the possibilities to improve the market and their own processes. 

2)      VC/PE presence, not just for investment opportunities, but to stay aware of the market and exchange ideas. 

3)      The overall impressiveness of the innovation to support the seamless integration of data and insights within our industry. 

4)      The reinforcement of the idea that reputation and relationship have never been more important for businesses to thrive in a challenging market. 

5)      Nelly continues to be a force of nature representing the 314. 

The rapid advancement of technology within the supply chain creates new niches and new perspectives on how best to serve all of the players within this space. We are looking forward to seeing everyone out on the conference trail and are excited to be a part of Manifest in 2024.   

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