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11 May, 2023 |

More education and resources on our ProfitQuest new platform with added features, upgraded settings, and many logistics trainings.

Within ProfitQuest we have recently upgraded our platform to bring you more education and resources. Enhancements and improvements have been added to our service to enhance the user experience and make the interaction with our platform more dynamic and interactive.  

With this innovative design, you can assess your knowledge related to different topics and specific missions with dynamic quizzes to provide a greater level of interaction. Users can now personalize the learning experience according to their needs and preferences.  

In addition, the new and old content has been updated to ensure the most relevant information possible in a clearer, cleaner experience.  

Beyond the industry expertise, ProfitQuest is focused on the development of softer skills that are essential for success in today’s market – to help users grow personally as well as professionally. These training sessions explore skill development around leadership, teamwork, effective communication, and much more. 

As part of our commitment to excellence, we have partnered with Salesforce. With this partnership, users and administrators will better understand and manage organizational development and maximize its effectiveness with a more user-friendly interface.  

At ProfitQuest, we are excited to introduce these new improvements to our service to bring a greater benefit to organizations and to the industry.  

If you want to learn more about the ProfitQuest Platform and need a space to talk to a live person and ask questions, don’t miss the opportunity to attend our ¨Mastering Onboarding in Logistics and Transportation: Tips and Strategies for Results-Driven Training¨ webinar on May 18th at 2 pm EST.

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And if besides this beneficial information, you want to access more knowledge about ¨The Myths and Mistakes when Selling¨ from our webinar on demand.

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