Most important skills to develop to be successful in Logistics? 
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6 June, 2023 |

Every team member needs to define the most important skills to develop to be successful in Logistics to achieve great performance.

Every team member must develop certain skills to achieve great performance in their role.  Each person has something to share with their teammates, and having diverse skills in different positions can make a difference in a company.  According to the website Better Up, “When developing your team, it’s important to look at the whole person of each team member. Every person brings a unique perspective matched with a unique skill set. Consider ways you can tap into the potential of each teammate to maximize impact. By doing so, you’ll set yourself up for better team management skills, too. “ 

We spoke with experts in our company, and this is what they had to say: 

Scott Hadley, Vice President of Business Strategy and Partnerships at Hubtek stated,  “When I think back from my experience on what important skills you’ve got to develop in order to be successful in your role, I think it’s maybe more of a trait than a skill, per se, but it’s constantly learning and understanding what’s going on around you, how that actually affects your role specifically. So, I think things like the LTL market or ocean air imports, and you’re working in full truckload.  As those markets are changing, how is that going to affect the full truckload market?  That will allow you to have some leading indicators so that you can be ahead so that you can start being proactive rather than reactive and can identify those early.” 

“Another key part is internally.  Understanding other teams or other roles in the different departments – Sales, OPS, Marketing, and Finance. You’ve really got to know the cause and effect of what you do, how it affects others, and vice versa.  It really brings a different culture to the organization when everybody understands each other and can work together much better.” 

Yanina Beleño, Training and Development Manager here at Hubtek said that as a trainer, she believes there are several important skills that team members need to develop in order to be successful in their roles: 

  1. Communication: Good communication is essential for effective teamwork. Team members should be able to express their ideas clearly and listen actively to other perspectives. They should also be able to communicate effectively in writing, whether it’s in emails or reports. 
  1. Collaboration: Teamwork requires collaboration, and team members need to be able to work together to achieve common goals. They should be able to contribute to the team’s efforts, respect other team member’s contributions, and be willing to compromise when necessary. 
  1. Time Management: Time management skills are crucial for team members to complete their work on time and meet deadlines. They need to prioritize their tasks effectively, plan their workday, and manage their workload to ensure they are making progress on their goals. 
  1. Problem-Solving: Team members need to be able to identify problems and come up with solutions to address them. They should be able to think critically, analyze situations, and come up with creative solutions that benefit the team. 
  1. Adaptability: The business environment is constantly changing, and team members need to be able to adapt to new situations and challenges. They should be able to learn quickly, be flexible, and embrace change. 

She concluded by saying that as a company or business owner, “you need to invest in your team, so they can develop these skills, and others, that are essential for success in their roles. In addition, your employees will excel in their roles and contribute to the success of their team and the company as a whole.” 

Finally, we heard from Paola Muñoz, ProfitQuest Product Manager, and she thinks that all work groups should be made up of people with different skills, who are allowed to teach and learn new skills from each other. 

“In my work experience and as a leader of my team, I think all skills bring value to our daily work and to the organization.  Each member brings, from his knowledge and experience, something that helps the group to grow. Personally, I consider it very valuable for all roles to develop skills such as proactivity, creativity, and problem-solving, but for me, the main one would be communication. It is vital that people can express their opinions or ask questions when there are doubts. Keeping a team in sync is not an easy task, which is why communication is always of great value, from the leaders to transmit their ideas, and from the employees to inform about any issues before reaching a crisis.” 

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