TMSA Elevate Conference 2023: Hubtek’s Perspective
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20 June, 2023 |

TMSA Elevate Conference 2023: Hubtek’s Perspective of the newest trends of Marketing and Sales in the logistics industry.

The 2023 TMSA Elevate Conference was held in Savannah, Georgia from June 11-13. In this space, Andrew Gulovsen, Hubtek’s CMO had the opportunity to learn about the newest trends of marketing and sales in the logistics industry. He also had the chance to connect with people involved in the industry. 

Andrew shared with us his thoughts and what he learned at the conference:  

“Last week I had the privilege of joining a member of our team, Carolina Munoz, at the 2023 TMSA Elevate Conference. Each year, the growth and evolution of the conference and its attendees encourage me to appreciate the value and direction of the commercial focus of our industry.” 

“From the pure customer focus and fan-centric perspective of Jared Orton, president of the Savannah Bananas, to the shipper panel and breakout sessions, the common thread was engagement, and how we serve our constituencies, both internally and externally. Despite market dynamics and elasticity, the need to attract, retain and grow those around us (shippers, carriers, partners, and our own team) is the paramount exercise of our businesses.”  

“Whether competitors, partners, or new friends, we all have more to learn, and much to appreciate, across the sales and marketing landscape within transportation. The trailblazers of new ideas, new strategies, and successful execution inspire each of us to be better and to strive to serve our organizations more effectively.” 

In conclusion, he expressed some kind words to those who made this space possible. “Many thanks to Jennifer Karpus-Romain, TMSA Executive Director, the TMSA board, its membership, and the huge volume of new attendees, all of whom kept the energy and flow of the conference at a top level to…. wait for it… Elevate!” 

It’s a pleasure for the Hubtek team to attend events of this magnitude and have the chance to connect, learn, and be inspired to take this industry to another level. 

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