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29 June, 2023 |

Hubtek attended the Home Delivery World event for the first time  

Home Delivery World, recently held in Philadelphia on June 14th and 15th, is a renowned industry event that brings together key players and stakeholders in the last-mile delivery sector to uncover innovative solutions for retailers, grocers, CPGs, and 3PLs facing challenges across the supply chain. This event is of great importance for the eCommerce retail supply chain. For Hubtek’s team, it was a platform to explore new possibilities, gain industry insights and network with professionals in the home delivery landscape. 

At Hubtek’s inaugural participation in this event, the company ventured into a new niche of last-mile delivery, expanding beyond its traditional brokerage services. The team gained insights into the niche nature of last-mile delivery, along with both the challenges and opportunities it presents to companies, and they expressed their positive impressions of the event, highlighting its well-organized structure and valuable networking opportunities. 

Juan Vanegas, Sales Team Leader, acknowledged the competitive landscape of the last-mile delivery market, where BPOs in countries like the Philippines, with lower costs, dominate. Given the insights that Juan gained, he believes there is an open opportunity for Hubtek to bring growth and cost efficiency to last-mile companies through its Talent offering. He highlighted how Hubtek differentiates itself from other players in that they bring to the table three different benefits. “Co-employment – we source and hire individuals and teams in Latin America (and globally) to support your organization’s growth, and we take care of the hiring and placement of your talent. Co-management – we not only take care of hiring, but we train and supervise your talent in one of our locations in Latin America, and across the world, and Talentekwe’ve combined our talent offering with the best of our technology solutions – TABi Connect.” 

He emphasized that through our training platform, ProfitQuest, we can develop, create content customized for the last-mile delivery sector, and offer it as a valuable resource to the market. “By focusing on upskilling the workforce and providing specialized training programs, Hubtek could boost its competitive advantage in a market that heavily relies on costs.” 

Carolina Munoz, Sales Team Leader, appreciated the overall organization and scale of the event. “Staying at our booth allowed us to meet many industry professionals, foster connections, and broaden our understanding of the industry. This event was a great opportunity for us to benefit from expert insights and lay the groundwork for potential collaborations.” 

The Home Delivery World event marked Hubtek’s entry into the last-mile delivery niche, expanding its services beyond brokerage. While facing competition from low-cost BPOs, Hubtek recognizes that its strength lies in its talent-driven approach. By offering specialized training programs, Hubtek aims to differentiate itself and offer a unique value proposition. Attending HDW provided Hubtek with valuable networking opportunities and insights into the industry, setting the stage for future growth and success. With a commitment to Talent development and an understanding of the evolving last-mile delivery landscape, Hubtek is ready to make a lasting impact in the industry. 

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