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3 July, 2023 |

Announcing the Independence of our Service Lines – How Specialized Teams Can Propel Your Company Forward 

Can you eat, sneeze, and talk at the same time? Unless you’re hoping for disaster, it’s impossible. Yet, many companies insist on trying to do everything simultaneously. By constraining the growth and innovation of each service and product within a rigid corporate brand and structure, their potential can be stifled. It’s time to set them free! That’s exactly what we’re doing by allowing our mature services to “leave the house.”

When Hubtek was created, our goal was to address the most common issues faced by supply chain businesses: talent. We aimed to achieve this by expanding the candidate pool, reducing costs while maintaining high-talented individuals, and establishing a robust academy to support both existing and new team members. Furthermore, we developed an automation platform that increased talent efficiency by eight times, standardizing a significant portion of the process. And we succeeded. Now, it’s time for the next stage. Our services have reached maturity and are ready to benefit from focused work. We have decided to create innovation cells for each service, allowing them to thrive as independent brands, with Hubtek serving as the umbrella company supporting them at a corporate level. This “house of brands” model is designed to foster innovation.

Internally, Hubtek already had well-defined teams working on each service. However, we’re taking it a step further. We’re specializing our communication channels for each service, ensuring that they have dedicated innovation, sales, marketing, customer service, content, and digital presence teams. Focusing teams on specific services within a company offers several benefits. Let’s explore some of the advantages of this approach:

Specialized expertise: By dedicating innovation teams to specific services, they can develop specialized knowledge and expertise in that particular area. This deep understanding of the service’s nuances, challenges, opportunities, and customer needs equips teams to devise innovative solutions tailored to the specific service.

Faster development cycles: When teams focus on one service at a time, they can streamline their development processes and iterate more rapidly. By concentrating their efforts on solving the unique problems associated with that service, they accelerate the innovation timeline. This focused approach avoids the need for context-switching between multiple projects, enabling consistent progress and efficient results.

Improved collaboration and coordination: Aligning teams around specific services facilitates collaboration and coordination within and between teams. Sharing knowledge, exchanging best practices, and building upon each other’s work leads to enhanced synergy and overall innovation capabilities. This approach promotes cross-pollination of ideas and encourages a collaborative environment.

Enhanced accountability and ownership: Focusing innovation teams per service promotes a sense of ownership and accountability. Each team becomes responsible for the success and improvement of their assigned service. This dedicated ownership fosters a greater commitment to driving innovation and achieving desired outcomes. Team members feel empowered and motivated to find creative solutions for the challenges specific to their service.

Targeted customer-centricity: Aligning innovation teams with specific services enables them to develop a deep understanding of the customers who use those services. This customer-centric approach allows teams to identify pain points, gather feedback, and design solutions that precisely meet customer needs. Tailoring innovations to specific services and customer segments enables companies to create more impactful and meaningful offerings.

Resource optimization: Focusing innovation efforts on one service at a time enables better resource allocation and optimization. Companies can efficiently allocate their resources, including budget, time, and personnel, by prioritizing services that require immediate attention or offer the greatest growth potential. This strategic allocation prevents resources from being spread too thin and ensures that teams have the necessary support to drive meaningful innovation.

Now, let’s officially introduce our brands:

Introducing our Brands Officially:

TABi: Our technology line, TABiConnect, will continue developing our cutting-edge platform, for RATE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (RMS). This system allows you to connect with your shippers wherever and whenever they need you. With omnichannel access to your customers’ processes, including email requests, shipper portals, TMS requests, and a white-label web portal, TABiConnect empowers your business. Our team will be laser-focused on further specializing the tool and generating new processes that can be automated. To stay updated on TABiConnect team’s developments, follow our LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tabi-connect/ And if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, click here to talk with one of our experts https://calendly.com/tabiconnect/call

Talentek: Our talent line, Talentek, will help you expand your talent pool by providing access to the best quality global talent, while enhancing their abilities through the utilization of technology. Our Talentek talent embodies the perfect combination of creativity and capacity, leveraging technology’s speed and efficiency. Talentek team will provide a platform and processes that make it easy for you to source and hire individuals and teams globally to support your organization’s growth. Talentek will take care of the hiring and placement of your talent in one of our different locations: Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, or South Africa. To receive the latest updates from the Talentek team, follow our LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talentekhubtek/ If you’re eager to discuss how Talentek can elevate your business, click here to connect with one of our experts https://calendly.com/hubtek_marketing/marketing-talentek

ProfitQuest: Our academy and strategy line, ProfitQuest, is dedicated to accelerating your company’s development and profitability. We provide comprehensive training, coaching, and strategic planning services to prepare and position your company to effectively compete and scale. Our ProfitQuest Executive Program ensures the success of your organization by providing the necessary direction and discipline. Additionally, our ProfitQuest Academy focuses on individual skill development offering over a hundred modules of logistics, transportation and soft skills training with over 80 hours of on-demand video. Adding new content regularly. With our strategic planning and assessment tools, ProfitQuest equips you with a full toolkit for your company’s development.

Stay informed about the latest curriculums from the ProfitQuest team by following our LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/profitquest/ . To speak with one of our experts and take your business to the next level, click here https://calendly.com/hubtek_marketing/marketing-pq

In conclusion, focusing innovation teams on specific services within a company brings a range of benefits. It enables the development of specialized expertise, facilitates faster development cycles, promotes improved collaboration and coordination, enhances accountability and ownership, fosters targeted customer-centricity, optimizes resource allocation, and ultimately leads to better customer service. By embracing the potential of laser-focused innovation, Hubtek is taking a significant step toward driving growth and overcoming barriers. We’re excited to continue this journey and witness the impactful and successful innovation outcomes for our company and customers.

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