Key Considerations for Evaluating Remote Talent  
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7 September, 2023 |

Hiring remote talent is a growing trend, but it’s not without its challenges. There are a number of factors to consider when recruiting the best remote talent. According to the website Distant Job, “Nowadays, the best way of recruiting top talent is by hiring remotely. When you hire remote workers, you get rid of the geographical barriers and have access to an unlimited talent pool. Additionally, you can save a significant amount of money by hiring employees that live in cities and countries with a lower cost of living.”  

We spoke with experts in our company, and this is what they had to say: 

Mariana Valencia, Sales Director at Talentek powered by Hubtek, said, “there are many factors that are very important to consider when evaluating remote talent. For example, communication skills. Having a person working remotely can be challenging when the channels of communication are not there, so you need to make sure that effective communication is in place at all times.”

“Also, that the person is tech savvy. This might not sound very important, but remote workers should be very comfortable with technology, and they need to be able to use video, conference platforms, collaboration tools and other technology tools.”

“Also, the cultural fit. It’s very important for you to take care of the culture of your company. So cultural fit is very important. And lastly, the reliability and accountability of the employees. These remote employees need to be very reliable, because they will be working almost on their own remotely, so you need to check the references of past work history and see if there are signs of punctuality and responsibility.”  

Carlos Gonzalez, Account Manager at Talentek powered by Hubtek. He affirmed that employee evaluation is an important step to assess how well the employee meets your business needs and help you determine whether the employee is effective in their role and also identify areas where they could improve. 

“One of the important things you need to consider when you are hiring a remote employee is communication. That is the glue that holds everything together. Employers also need to ensure that the employee is actively participating in their work and delivering the desired results. To evaluate the delivery stage, it is important to see how well they complete the tasks. Are they delivering the desired results on time? on budget? Also, how is the quality? Those are some important questions that I ask myself.” 

“The main one for me is goal setting, I personally engage in it daily. This is a ritual that empowers me to follow my path forward, evaluating whether my current actions are propelling us toward our desired destination and guiding us towards the achievement of our bigger goals.” 

Finally, we heard from Frank Scarpati, Sales Account Specialist at Talentek powered by Hubtek. He said, “it’s not a big secret that there’s been an increase in remote jobs. I think it’s because companies nowadays are more open-minded to the idea of having remote workers. Also, because they want to have access to a global talent. But there are some factors that we need to consider when evaluating remote talent.” 

“First of all, I would say that the culture of the person, of the country where this person is from, is something important, because we need to have a fit with the employees that are in our organization. Second, I would also say the skills and qualifications that the person has. Then, responsibility. As they are not going to be working from their offices, they need to be very responsible in this manner.” 

“Another thing is the level of English; and in cases where we are hiring people out of the country, we need to make them feel that they are part of our family. Either way, they are not physically at the office, but they are part of our operations, and we should communicate that to the to the employees, to make them feel important to us.” 

“So, if you are considering having remote talent in your organization, Talentek is a great solution. We’re going to help you from the beginning, and we’ll be doing regular follow-up to make sure that the operation is working as it is supposed to, and also, it allows you to have an extension of your office outside of the country.” 

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