Tips for Supporting Your Employees’ Mental Health   
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6 November, 2023 |

Good mental and emotional health impacts every aspect of our lives: thoughts, behavior, emotions and social relationships, among others. Being emotionally healthy fills us with vitality, creativity and productivity in all areas of our lives. It also helps us to address the changes in our lives and face adversities in a good way.   

Here are some tips to help maintain the mental health of your employees:  

Have Good Communication 

Open communication processes and clear expectations and objectives for all employees creates a healthier work environment. Workers know what is expected of them and understand their progression through the company. You can implement a system of OKRs’ (Objectives and Key Results) where each employee works towards clear goals and understands how their success will be measured. 

Keep an Eye on Your Employees 

Watch closely the growth and development of your team. Low performance or frequent absences could be a sign of suffering from some sort of emotional difficulty.  

Maintain a Work/life Balance 

Respecting office hours is vital for employees to have the free time to enjoy their social, personal, and family lives.  

 Incorporate Active Break Times 

 Organize active breaks and rest sessions such as yoga and mindfulness. These types of activities help relieve the effects of stress and improve your employee’s overall health.  

Offer Good Benefits 

Include gym memberships, health insurance programs, life insurance, counseling, hybrid and remote work, and recognition programs as a company benefit to help employees feel happy to be in their job, loyal to the company, and motivated to do good work. 

Ensure a Safe and Pleasant Work Environment  

A pleasant office space, good equipment, sufficient room and natural light influence employee wellbeing. The working environment is essential for staff satisfaction. In cases of remote work, it is important to ensure that all employees have the equipment and furniture they require to work at home.  

Encourage Mental Health Care 

Provide information to make your team aware of the impact of bad and good mental health, promote open conversations, or organize health and wellbeing days.  

Promote Healthy Habits 

Mental health can also be greatly influenced by our daily habits. Therefore, promoting healthy practices, like eating fruit, drinking plenty of water, and doing regular exercise can have a big impact. The company can become an ally in this by giving healthy cooking classes, gym memberships, and talks related to the topic. 

Conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys  

Periodically carrying out employee satisfaction surveys allows us to track staff sentiment. With a very simple questionnaire, we can find out how they are feeling, what they would like to change, etc. 

Remember that at Hubtek you have the support of the Human Resources Department to help your employees in case they need emotional support. 

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